Finding My Way To Love

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In A Crazy Stupid Dumb, New York State of Mind

Last night I traveled by Southwest airlines to Nuttly, NJ with only one bag and one dream (sounds like a start of a beautiful story). I traveled with my set that I can do anything because I believe that I can... Flyyyy. Yes, I believe that I can touch the Sky, I can see me running through that open doors (and I forgot the words after that, lol) but my point is I believe I can fly. I woke up this morning inspired, revived and very excited. This lil ole southern bell from the great state of Texas has finally made it the Big Apple (well not quite, I have to catch a 15min. bus ride to the city). I was feeling so happy that I sang every fast Kirk Franklin gospel song I think of in the shower. I got dress, got on the bus and rode all the way to Manhattan in good spirits. Then the bus stop and my feet hit the pavement of 5th and some other street and realized I have no idea where I was going. In the middle of Time Square blending in with tourist I thought to myself "Houston I have a problem". Thankful my friend Monica pointed me in the right direction. She lead to where she was and I had my first meal in Manhatten. The check all the revival exciting emotions quickly left my mind, body and soul and it hit me "oh shoot, I need a job".
I was supposed to be working for the NBA draft this week but apparently something fell through with my credentials and well one thing I have learned is “ things happens”… yet again another broken promise, but its no ones fault I would have come out here anyway. Well, I’m here now and I can’t sing another sad love song because that song only pays Toni Braxton's bills (then again, it all depends on whose listening, lol). The good news is I did however manage to line up some interviews and contact some people about some gigs and potentical job opportunities  so hopefully I’ll get some call backs shortly.
Never the less I have decided to fast and pray through this journey in New York City. Mainly because I’m limited on funds and its going to take a whole lot of leaning and depending on Jesus to get me through my “pursuit of happiness.  Since I could only afford a one way ticket for me I figure my friends and family can come along for the ride via internet. I’m gonna do my best to write something every day. I’m human so if I slip up and forget but please forgive me.
I know that this move has got to be the craziest thing I have yet to do and some people are calling it dumb and even stupid. I could defend it and say I’m just having the guts to believe in myself. But the truth of the matter is that this move is crazy, stupid and even dumb but hey sometimes it takes something crazy stupid and dumb to force us into doing our hearts desires. The worse thing that can happen is a fail tragically. I’ve failed before so I’ll manage to survive through faith. I mean if I can survive time spent in jail I can manage New York by way of Newark.  So dear friends in as much as I would love a nice donation from you to the  Crazy, Stupid, Dumb fund for big dreams, all I ask is to keep me in your prayers.
Til Next Time
Simply Lola