Finding My Way To Love

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Making The First MOVE!?! GUYS Or GIRLS

When I was growing up my father had a rule. The rule was boys can call me and my sister but we can't call boys. For a long time I thought this rule was stupid and he was just being a mean ole man but as I've gotten older I totally get it. I realize that he was teaching my sister the importace of allowing the man take the lead.

 Right now I am in dating mode. The guys I am talking to don't live in New York, and I'm okay with that. The problem that I seem to be having is that they all want me to come see them. Let me make myself VERY CLEAR I am just dating its nothing serious with anyone just yet. For a lack of better words we're just talking. I feel like they should come see me first. Am I being unreasonable? Plus New York is more fun than Detroit and I love my home town but this dude will already see me by default cause family is in Dallas. And Atlanta is Atlanta, nothing new. Its amazing what a guy will ask a woman he's interested in to do that he would never suggest to his mom, sister or daughter to do. I mean really , would a respectable guy suggest to their daughter to go see a guy she's only talking to, to fly out to his city...come on I seriously doubt it.

As a woman I want to feel desired. I want a guy to want me enough that he will come to me  and sweep me off my feet. I want someone who will make the effort to pursue me. In as much as its seems to be an inconvenience I believe I am worth it. I'm smart, sexy , talented, fun and with the right guy I could be very fun, if you catch my drift (lol). And not to get all self-righteous, holier than thou Christian on yall but somewhere in the bible, I don't know where, doesn't it say: He who find a wife finds a good thing?!? My point is I've been the girl to make the first move and its always been the wrong move . I'm ready to settle down and have a few babies but I'm not gonna do all this with someone whose not making the effort.

So I ask you dear friends, who should see who first..... Me or  Him.