Finding My Way To Love

Monday, December 20, 2010

My Letter Too Santa

Dear Santa,

I know you’re busy checking your list, checking it twice, finding out who’s naughty and who’s nice. For the most part I’ve been nice.Ok, maybe I've been naughty a few times, but just a few .Hey a girl’s got needs. All and all I’ve been a very good girl and I want to kiss my perfect lover under the mistletoe. I’m a thirty year old woman whose last boyfriend was in high school …yes high school. Oh sure I’ve done the back and forth with a few emotional unavailable men/i.e. The Titan, but let’s face it the shit is getting old. I mean I looked long and hard, I’ve even searched far and wide. I had a few chats with God but all he seems to do is kindly remind me of his number best seller (the bible) quoting scriptures. Don’t get me wrong I love the Lord but he’s not really hearing my cry. So you’re my last hope. Look I’m not asking for much just the following 100…

1.A Man of God
2. Loyal
3. Loving
4. Honest
5. Humble
6. Faithful
7. Patient w/me
8. Forgiving
9. Fun Personality
10. Always a gentleman
11. Empathetic
12. Romantic
13. Creative
14. Strong
15. Courageous
16. Masculine
17. Positive/ Even Keel
18. Motivating
19. Brave
20. Peaceful
21. Funny
22. Confident
23. Well Respected
24. Respectful
25. Financially Wise
26. Wealthy / Smart Investor
27. Loves to travel
28. No Children
29. Sexy
30. Understanding
31. Slow to Anger
32. Agrees to disagree
33. Quite/ but not shy
34. Observant
35. Sexy Voice
36. Very Tall
37. Physically Fit
38. Great Cook
39. Team Player
40. Athletic
41. Nice Skin
42. Outgoing
43. Amazing Passionate Kisser
44. Affectionate
45. Wears nice cologne
46. Good relationship with his mom
47. Not a momma’s boy
48. Family Man
49. Have a good work /life balance
50. Never married
51. Ready for a serious relationship
52. Attends church with me
53. Believes in my dreams
54. Communicates well with others
55. Good Listener
56. Successful
57. Adventurous
58. Drug Free
59. Not an Alcoholic/ light drinker
60. Sports Fan/ Football being his favorite
61. Gives to others
62. Organize
63. Intelligent / Smart
64. Beautiful Eyes/ Captivating
65. All working limbs/ in good health
66. Mature
67. Good sense of humor
68. Not easily offended
69. Remember my birthday
70. Loves me for me
71. Laughs at my jokes/ even the bad ones
72. Homeowner
73. Not Judgmental
74. Strong/Good Work Ethic
75. Very calm
76. Great Credit
77. Gives me compliments
78. Likes to cuddle
79. Affectionate
80. Clean
81. Neat
82. Holds me while I sleep
83. Large Paint Brush
84. Colors well/ never stay inside the lines
85. Emotionally Stable
86. Beautiful Smile
87. Responsible
88. Gives me orgasms
89. African American
90. Stands up for himself
91. Gets along with my family
92. Reliable/
93. Sends me a dozen roses just because
94. Enjoys my company
95. Enjoys Football
96. Passionate
97. Focus
98. Determined
99. Loves all of me
100.Loves his job

Now Santa I know this may be a lot to ask for in a short amount of time. So just do what you can. I saw Terrance Newman of the Dallas Cowboys hold a baby a charity event once. Seem like a nice guy…so he’ll do (lol).
Til Next Year
Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Secret Lover Coloring

Being a woman in waiting at times can get hard. The longer the wait, the more desperate a single woman becomes. Not for love but coloring satisfaction. In our desperation we find ours shopping at toy stores more than Santa Clause shops for toys for children on Christmas day. A newly single woman starts off with a small toy to satisfy her coloring needs assuming that her little drought will soon be filled with wet orgasms. She eventually looks up and it’s been 6 months and she is once again at the toy store graduating too much bigger toys to play with. Then there’s the night where she realizes her battery operated vibrating devices have become her ultimate frustration and she is tragicly missing the crayons she once enjoyed coloring with. No longer caring about the day she’ll get married or if she’ll ever find “the one” she simply seeks out for a little fun and finds what I like to call a Secret Lover. He’s a secret because if her bible believing mother found out about behavior she’d go straight to hell on a scholarship (lol).

If I have described you in the previous paragraph have no fear I’ve been where you are and quite as it’s kept so has many other single women. So put your bogus battery operated devices in the night stand, go get your hair did, nails did, everything did, and get fancy! It’s time for you to shop for your very own Secret Lover. So what exactly is a “Secret Lover” I’m glad you asked. A secret lover is a man that you color with while waiting for Mr. Right. He is your good fix in disparate times and your fun escape from reality. To make sure you get all you can get for what it’s worth, I’ve decided to give you some guidelines before engaging in this experience.

1.He MUST be SINGLE in every way of the word. Meaning he’s only causally dating but nothing serious. I hear karma is a mutha so STAY AWAY FROM MARRIED MEN and men with a “live in”! Although you may feel like it’s not your problem because you’re not married, the truth is that it is your problem because you in fact are the problem. So if a guy tells you he’s in a relationship but it’s complicated, RUN! The idea of a secret lover is to have a little fun until Mr. Right is ready or comes along. Not too be a home wrecker.

2.Make sure your secret lover is a Mature and Respectful Adult. The whole point of this experience is to keep the booty calls a secret. Stay away from the 21 year old rookies that brag about their paint brush in the locker room and think the word lady has been replace with bitch. You don’t want strange men calling you because his dumb ass wrote your name and number on a bathroom stale, as a joke.

3.Make sure your Comfortable with and around him. He’s going to be painting your canvas. You’re not on a first date interview, relax. As long as you’ve taken care of your PTA (pussy, titties and ass) there’s nothing to worry about

4.There must be an ATTRACTION: Although the only thing you all share are late night creeps you shouldn't be terrified every time he turns on the bedroom lights.

5.Lastly, PROTECT YOURSELF. You are just practicing! No need to become a premature parent due to poor preparation. Also you don’t want to donate to AIDS awareness with a personal HIV story.

To my friend that is seeking a little TLC, follow these few steps and have yourself a good time. The whole point of having a secret lover is to enjoy hoe moments without being a hoe (lol).
Til Next Time
Simply Lola

Monday, December 6, 2010

Deciding Too Love The Warrior

Friday I was in a great mood. I confirmed my showcase coming up Friday December 10th; and I’ve been getting great reviews on the Conjure song I recorded for the new Ludacris cognac liquor. With all the good coming my way I figured I deserved to celebrate. So I met my friend Bizu at Kona Gill for happy hour only to find that she had some last minute shopping to do with her friend. I was not interested in window wishing and just decided to sit at Kona and wait for their return. I’m not sure if it’s was my new hairdo, my pretty face, or both but I attracted a group nice island gentlemen who kept me entertained with conversation until Bizu returned. The men were very generous and offered to buy a few too many drinks (lol).After happy hour the party continued. We hit up the Velvet Room, and a few other spots. I had a little liquid courage I did a little innocent flirty. As the night died down a guy friend of mine took me to my car. On the way to my car we talked about old times and how I thought he was just a great person. Out of nowhere he kissed me. I was shocked and thought he’s not a bad kisser, so we kissed again and the next thing you know we were all over each other. As we fogged up the windows I looked at him and right in the middle of our tongue of war I stopped. It was clear my thoughts were not on him, and I wish he were someone else (God he was right, he is in my way).

A few weeks ago the Titan told me he loved me at a night club bar in between patron shots. My response was, I’m moving to Atlanta. A few days later after contemplating on what he said I felt I owed him an apology for the part I played in our on and off again drama. After my apology he simply said he thinks he’s just going to get out my way. After my tongue of war Friday night I laid in my bed thinking to myself I just can’t keep fighting my heart and my feelings it’s killing me. My heart wins, therefore I decided accept how I feel and just love him. Love him for who he is nothing more nothing less. He is who I love.

So what does loving the warrior mean? Well for right now it means I continue to living my life. It means I stop living in denial and no longer worry about what’s to come of us and work through the process. It means I let go of the past and have faith for a better future. If I made a list and see if the good out weights the bad, I’m sure the bad would win but he wasn’t bad by himself. I want for us to one day be able to start a fresh start no long pointing the finger at each other but just allowing love to take its course. I know many will criticize my decision but I don’t care. Because loving him doesn’t cost me anything. By just accepting my loving him I find peace in my illogical thoughts. I have hope in the bleakest of times and warmth in my most frigid condition.

To my friend that is resisting love because it doesn’t make sense, know that it may never make sense and that’s when love counts. It’s easy to love the obvious but it’s most genuine regardless of the obvious.
Til Next Time

Friday, December 3, 2010

Conjure Cognac Presents Lola Natisa

Comforting For The Soul is a non-profit organization that provides for the elderly living in assistant living& nursing homes. On December 10,2010 Lola Natisa along with R&B singers Tre Bishop and Kreyn will be performing @ Tephejez Night Club. The reason for this event is to help collect and raise funds for socks and blankets as Christmas stocking stuffers this holiday season. In order to make this year a success we are asking all guest attending to donate $5 as a contribution to this great cause.
Lola Natisa is an awesome singer and dynamic performer. This is a show that you DON'T WANT TOO MISS!!! See you there