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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

From R.E.D To G.O.O.D

It's been brought to my attention that it has been a while since I've written anything. The reason for that is because with my new job Mr.West has made me sign a NDA, a non disclosure agreement. I don't know who told him I love to talk (lol) but since I do mum's the word. Therefore I can't say nothing about anything or I am out on my ass and back to Dallas I go. Not only that I've been putting in a lot of hours with my new gig. I work as an accounting assistant which means I support his account and his CFO. To be honest I have no earthly idea what the hell I am doing. Everyday I pray the same prayer Lord please let everything balance out... Amen. I love my boss (the accountant) she is super sweet and really smart, which means she's over qualified. It works out well with her being over qualified and me not having a clue, cause she can tell anything and I'll do it(lol) .
When I first started working for G.O.O.D Music I thought it was really cool. I'd be out with friends and someone would ask me what I do and I say with confidence I work for G.O.O.D, yes G.O.O.D Music while brushing my long weave off my shoulder with my chin up in the air. But then people started asking me to get them record deals and for hookups and that just made it annoying. I can't imagine if I were actually sign to the label I'm sure it would be a hundred times worse(Lol).But I've solved that problem, now when asked what is it I do for a living I tell them I'm a stripper. Some people ask me if I know Jesus or was I loved as a child (both are yes answers) and others become very uncomfortable while judging me with their thoughts (lol) . It doesn't bother me cause no ones asking me to make them a star or get them hooks up with famous people (lol).
Since I've been here in New York I feel like I'm being shifted into something great. I feel like the world is at my finger tips and I can have whatever I want but at the same time I have no idea how to get it. I fee like everything I've ever wanted is right in front of me but what is everything. I was at work late last night and I was thinking about when I first moved to New York working at the Gramercy Park Hotel. There was never a dull moment and although my boss was clear definition of a woman scorn I was perfectly content with working the front desk. No sooner than it was time for me to sign my papers for a the Union to get benefits I  get the call to work for NEYO. My first day there was when his album released R.E.D (Realizing Every Dream). Although there was so much chaos and disorganization I was still very happy with my position because it's Music and if this was the only way for me to be around it that was fine with me. Out of no where I here about an assistant position in G.O.O.D Music and bam I get the job with G.O.O.D Music (Getting Out Our Dreams).
I go from Realizing Every Dream to Getting Out Our Dreams. I 'm just curious as to where God is really taking me, am I moving into my Dreams? I am placed right in the center of Dreams and I can't help but wonder if my dreams are coming true? What is happening to me. The good thing about having all these questions is I'm not nervous or scared, not even anxious, I'm just curious. My prayer is that God will prepare me for what is to come next. I believe its for me to live out my dream as a recording artist so I'm taking vocal lessons and doing open mics. But most importantly I'm  just living in the moment and being thankful for this experience.
Now I haven't forgotten about my biological clock (lol). I did go on a date last week. I really had a good time but there was no spark or anything it was just nice time out. Yes I did order the steak, loaded bake potato and crown and ginger ale (two crowns), I was starving. And yes momma, I did ask if he knew Jesus...He said he was familiar with the name(lol). I have to be honest I thought he was going to be good jump off but it looks like God wants me to keep my legs closed and my eye on the prize. SO I guess he'll be good New York company. All of this is fine with me considering I am patiently waiting for Calvin Johnson (wide receiver for the Detroit Lions) to find me, fall passionately in love with me and make me his wife and the mother of his children. Considering I am aging gracefully I have no problem waiting (don't Judge ME!!!).
Well I thinks that's all folk. Everyone should be caught up on my boring life (lol).  To my friend who finds themselves curious about where God has placed them in their life I encourage you to surrender and just be. That way God can get us prepared for Greatness.
Til Next Time
Simply Lola