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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weekly Update: Survival of a Starving Artist

June 2,2009

Great news! I have just recorded a hit (well all my songs are! I love it, I love it I love it! It’s called “Farewell”! I have attached it to this email so check it out when you have time. I will be holding auditions for my All Girl Band this week. My band will be called Urban Glam(what do ya think). So it will be Lola with Urban Glam. Also this football season, I will perform the opening Star Spangled Banner at Jacksonville, Tampa, and Tennessee games. I really wish I could open up a Dallas Cowboy game but it takes an act of congress for Mix tapes are really big in Atlanta so I am also working on getting on a few up and coming mix tape. Things are really coming along. So Shay hold tight the album is coming 

My friend Monica pasted the GMAT and is on her way to the beach to celebrate. I am so jealous but very proud of her. Ronya is getting married. Hay!!!

Every week my mother always calls and takes a deep sigh and asks...Tisa (that’s my nickname) are you ok? With a big smile I respond and yes mommy I am doing great. Being a starving artist is not an easy job but someone has got to do it. This week, I have decided to let you all in on my survival tactics and answer a few questions you all may have.
Do I have a job? Yes I am a singer/songwriter.

Well first of all I am not sleeping in my car…lol (I am way to cute for My friend Jennifer has extended her very luxurious couch to me. I am telling you the couch feels so good its like sleeping at the Four Seasons…well maybe not the Four Seasons but more like just for a season (God willing). I have money saved to pay the important bills: my car note, cell phone and gas. About every two weeks my mom puts 50 dollars in my account, she doesn’t think I know but I do (thanks mom!) I use that just in case, and just in case can be anything from an oil change, flat tire, bail money (just kidding), or toothpaste, etc. I stay in shape with the assistants of my friend Melissa. She is a manager of a very high profile complex downtown. When she is at work, she lets me in the fitness center and I get my Kenya Workout on …lol. My Aunt Debra works for Channel so she is always giving perfume samples and stuff. As for food, well that’s easy.
Atlanta is filled with over the top opening events, listening parties, and other
little shin digs. My manager makes sure that I am on the list for everything in site for “networking” purposes but little does she know that I get down with the free food and free wine (Aunt Janice, don’t worry! I am a very responsible drinker…I never drive while drinking…lol). Depending on how hungry I am, I may carry my trendy big black purse that my friend Tish gave me and stock up…lol.

Now when the city is slow and the events are few far and in between, I go on dates. Remember I never play and work in the same place. So there are rules to dating for food. First, these men are strangers so I drive my own car to the restaurant. Next, I always order a kid’s meal, appetizer, or a salad. I never ever order from the sex side of the menu (Jason and Daylon taught me that). Speaking of dating the Titan (what is a girl to do)

The sacrifices i have made may seem like a lot. I believe that more I give up makes room for things I desire to have. I know I that people may have their opinons about the way I have decided to live my life, but at the end of the day I have no regets.

Well that’s all folks, talk to ya ne

Love Ya!

Weekly Update: Tough Time I Shine

May 29,2009
Dear Friends,
As you all know for the past few weeks I have been very frustrated with my progress in the "A". It seem as if things were moving fast for me when I first got here and then things just got slow. I attended T.I. farewell concert on Sunday night and I noticed that a lot of performers put a lot of attention on "haters" and what’s not good with life. I thought to myself things can not be that bad. Usually people say thank you after their big break or when things are going their way. Well I come saying THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK matter if I ever make it or win a Grammy or ever go platinum. I have no complaints about my life. I am so blessed to have friends like each and everyone of you. Its not about the fans to come but its all about the supporters I have now.
I say thank you for always coming to a show even if it was very many people there. I say thank you for jamming my music as if it were a hit on the radio.
Mommy, I love you, I love you I love you. Every time I put my gloves on i think of you (you are truly fashion forward) My little sister Danita ( sometimes I think you should have been born first...) I am so proud of you thank you for being an example of what strength, love, and faith can bring to my life just by living right. Daddy, thank you for teaching how to walk by faith. Crystal and’re such great cousins. I say thank you to my church family (the 7:30am and wed. night crew) for being my audience and loving me some much. Jennifer, OMG were do I start thank for always saying you can do it, you are doing it (and for allowing me to sleep on your couch Melissa you for the gym hook and always checking on me. Monica, Crystal, Marita, Keesa, April, and Angela I have always wanted to have the click of friends that were unique and different but very supportive, Thank you guys for being you and for allowing to be in the click.
Christina, Dedra, Robyn, Kris, Katria, Joy, and Shene ..all I can say is wow thank you for being my prayer partners and always standing by my side. Ronya, you are so awesome its un real. It was just last year we were day dreaming were we would be next year and look at us now. Tony, you always answer saying just what I need to hear to move forward. Jason and Daylon homies always making sure I don't get off track. J.D. (I'm not scared of lions and tigers and thanks for being my emergency boyfriend( what am I going to do when you get a girlfriend( hopefully Dwight Howard will have found me by just I’m Paul, aww so sweet, my bud thanks. Tish , Tish , Tish you are such a great listener (I love being your twin) Amberly, drinking a Washington Apple is not fun with out you., thank you. Josh (OMG,you always say that)...we have risen above water, thanks girlie. Joslyn Delk, you’re so smart, thank you
college roomie. Nikki (Angela) no worries we are single but very fabulous, thanks girl. Lauren, my fashion stylist we haven't been friends long but thank God we are. Keka I could not have asked for a better manager...thank you for being so patient with my impatient self. Leon, yes i love you, you worry because you care, thank you for caring. The Roy Williams Safety Net Foundation, thank you volunteer family for always showing up to a show and rutting for me. Mrs. Felicia, thank you for words of wisdom just when I need them. Georgie (Butt Head!!), you always have my back...thank you. Lonnie, you are a funny guy were would I be without you. Byron ( we are doin it making hits!!!) thanks for just believing. Krystal (my god sister), thank you for being my role model. Aunt Janice, thank you for being the best aunt ever. Aunt Deila, thank you for always checking up on me. Mrs. Gilmore you are to sweet for words. Denise, thank\s for sending out my weekly
update I love you. Jacovie, what can I say but dude you’re the best. I am sorry if I forgot anyone. To every aunt, uncle, cousin, and friend I have ever had and do have THANK YOU!!!. You all mean so much to me and I am truly blessed
My words of encouragement are very simple, when it look like everything is going wrong, take some time out to be thankful for everything that is going right.

Love Ya !
Lola Natisa

Weekly Update: Its A Boy

May 13,2009
Hey Hey, Hey

It's a boy!!!!
On Monday morning my little sister gave birth to a little baby boy, the picture is attached to this email. He is so cute. So you know what that means I will be home soon to see him. Also my friend Ronya is getting married I am so happy for her.
As for this week nothing really exciting has been going on. I have a showcase coming up so I am preparing for that and I am still song writing. My audition went way better then I expected. I did so much better then I imagine. It was a great experience and i must get back to auditioning. I know this week the update is kinda short but sometimes things can be alittle slow. Thanks to my friend Jennifer I did have a personal break and I realize that I am very confident in my ablity to sing and write but I lack confidence in myself being. So I have been praying that God will show me how to see myself as he sees me. I blame myself for everything and I realize that everything is not my fault. I want to see myself in a more positive light and know that I really deserve everything I want. Change is very hard but not impossible. Well see you soon!!!

Weekly Update: Its Not Just About Me

Hey Guys,
May 6,2009

Hey Fam,

Attention, attention, attention to all. Well over the past few weeks I have realized that I am not the only one making moves but some of my friends are doing there thing as well.

First we Monica Hall, she is preparing for the GMAT and will be attending grad school in the fall (SUPER!!). Angela Daniels just purchased her first home and will be having her house warming at the end of month(you know I will be there because its not a party with out me…lol) My Tish Ward is now certified to counsel professional crazy people. Now you must be a professional with professional problems to talk to her no baby momma, baby daddy drama…lol. My little sister Danita Harris will be having a baby boy any day now ( I am so happy that there is no pressure for me to have children…I mean can you see as a mom…lol) Jennifer White is working on an up and coming Blog ( I promise you all you will want to read her blogs she all ways knows what’s hot and goes to only the invitation only parties. Crystal Fisher first photo receive honorable mention in an art show (you go girl) and last but not least, Dedra Costal is working on a Christian web site. I
am oh so proud of my homies…you are the best!!! It’s going down in 09 
Ok, so remember when I first moved to Atlanta I needed to sign with a manager and that is what I did. I have a manager and she is awesome. She has really been doing her thing with me and I am super excited. I now have split sheets! Now what is a split sheet is a sheet that divides the prophets of songs that are written and produce. So hopefully shortly I will be getting paid for my work…well more like I WILL BE GETTING PAID for my work. I have been working with very popular song writers this week which is big blessing. I am co writing a lot with Neyo writing team and Nate Walker …theses guy really hot writers so I am in a really good place. So professionally I am making moves.
Now has any one seen Foxy Brown? Well I have at Door 44, I had to use the rest room and what do you know I am greeted by an over sized security guard who happens to be protecting Foxy Brown (from what …I don’t know) After using the restroom I walk over to the sink to wash my hands and as I am walking Foxy turns to me and says I’m sorry I am putting on my make up and I need my space. Now there are like 8 women waiting to wash there hands. After thirty seconds of waiting I turn to her and say I think you are being rude and you need to share the sink. She in returns asks me do I know who she is and I said yes I know you are the woman hogging the sink. Of course everyone is laugh because it’s the truth, she begins to huff and puff backs up her stuff stating let me know because I don’t want to hurt her (I guess the “her” was me) I am sure because of her weight she would knocked me out in one round but I didn’t care I was determined to
my hands…lol
Being her I have learned a lot and why something’s are the way they are. For example the reason why it is important to go out and be seen is because people want to know who is in your circle, what who have you worked with, what is your claim to fame. As shallow as it sounds it is very true. This is why I will never, ever, ever play were I work. So any love connection will not go down in the A. It is very very important to keep your personal and professional separated. There are no prospects right now but you know i got my eye on a few little (just kidding mom)
Now this is what is coming up. I have a Dream Girls audition second audition on Saturday. I did really well at my first one. If it all goes well and I am cast for the show I will tour the country for like a year or so. I also have a show case on May 15th. I am very excited about that as well. It will be great exposure and just another thing to have under my belt.

Love Ya,

Weekly Update: Rock and Roll

April 17,2008

Hey Everyone,
Sorry I am so late with my update. This has been a little crazy. For you all who don’t know Atlanta had a really bad storm and well the power was out in half the city.I stayed with my cousins until we were able to get power on my side of town. It was a hot mess.

I have joined a church and they are doing a thirty day fast. In the past few days on the fast I have learned a lot about myself and why I have been holding on to certain things and people. Its very true what they (I don’t know what “they” are”…lol) say about believing. I doesn’t matter how many people believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself it doesn’t count. I realize I worry about how people think or feel about me. I wonder if I am good enough for the man of my dreams. Will I not have what I want because of my past and I realized that I have no problem forgiving others but its myself that I struggle to forgive. On my journey of life I plan to believe in myself and forgive myself and know for myself that when Mister Right comes to me I will be more then good enough. Please pray that my I may be safe and protected and ok at all times. I am literally down here on faith. I have no idea what is going to happen from day to day. I trust God but some times I do become a little weary. I’m not scared or afraid that I won’t make it or my dreams won’t come true because what will be will and I am doing my very best. But there are night when I just don’t know and just need a little strength.

Now for the good stuff! On Saturday I had the pleasure to attend a private producer party held by red bull. I was able to interact with some very famous producers like Brian Cox, Maestro, DJ Tunk, and a guy by the name of Sam Hook. Now i know these names don't sound familiar to you but you listen to there songs on the radio everyday. A lot of producers are impressed with my writing so I may get in on the writing side first which is cool with me because writers make the most I have been doing so recording so that’s a good thing as well. I have a photo shoot at the end of the month so I am in the gym like crazy.On Wednesday I attended none other then T.O. millionaires ball. I will say this he likes them (ladies) light bright and dame near white…and he picks the girls that he wants in his section…hot mess, very hot mess. I didn’t meet a millionaire for myself I got the light bright part but the long weave was missing so I was just kind of there…lol. Gabriel Union was (yes I said it right was) dating Chaka (Ludicris manager) I have seen her a few times here in the city. I thought it was to work on a movie but she was working on moves to move in with Chaka, he is not one for commitment so he let her go. If you google Chaka you find that is very unattractive but is very wealthy. FYI: ladies the famous women have the same drama we have they just have money…lol. Silk from 112 had a party last night and apparently he has been eating well and it shows very well because he was very short the chucky look is not fashion forward.
I am still trying to figure out why men have a thing for gay men, they are worse then women. Very needy and attention starved its just tragic if you as me. I have a gay friend and well he gives his boyfriend hell , as I watch them fight I think to myself if this man was running away from women because of drama be would be better off

Until Next Week

Weekly Update: Pouding the Pavement

April 8,2009

Hey Guys

OMG(mom that means Oh My God) I miss you guys so much. I talk about Dallas all the time, I talk about it so much a friend asked me do I think it was a good idea to move. my response was only time will tell.
Well I have really been pounding the pavement this week. I'm still meeting a lot of people and networking. Networking is WORK! ...omg it is a lot of work. I never thought I would see the day were I would say I am exhausted from going

Remember last week I told you guys that my goal is to have my song playing on the radio by May. Well before that happens i have to have a manger.Its the only way I will be taken seriously. I have met with a few people that are interested in manageing but there is this one lady named Keka that I think I may sign with. I also have a PR rep as well. I pretty much am sold on this one lady before I met with her she researched me in Dallas.When she told me that my heart stopped. Not that I have done anything that will risk my image but its crazy the type of information she knew. This lady was on it! she had pictures of me, she knew were I sang it was cool but creepy (fyi: please know the people to stand with in pictures that you take) There is a picture of me on some site she asked me what was my relationship with the young brotha and I had no idea who he ( OMG the life of a rock
I have learned very quickly to accept rejection. Everyone isn't going to believe in me or like me for that matter. I met with the music director for Neyo lable and after he expressed his strong dislike for my vioce and music i realized then no matter what I have got to stay focus and not to let what people say get the best of me. Two things that I can't fake and that is self love or my confidence in my music
I have two show cases lined up for April which i am very excited about because not only do I need a manager,PR, but most important i need an investor. Because I am an R&B singer I am more likely to sign with an independant lable. I can't just sign with any lable there must be money backing the lable.Now were are those lables I am glad you asked
Most athletes own these lable. I had the chance to go some PRE- NFL draft party and at first I thought that it was a waste of time until my manager begin to introduce me to a few players. Now these players DON"T PLAY about their investments so my job is to really do well at my show cases and really show that they can make a return on me as well ( feel like a piece of
So my Goals for the month of April are:
1. Sign with a really really really good manager
2. Sing as much as possible
3. Find an investor

I just want to say thanks so much again for just praying and supporting me it means the world to me. I have attached my favorite song to this email. Download it and enjoy...share with friends

Love you , Miss you

Weekly Update: First Week Away

April 2,2009
Hey Everyone,

I woke up this morning with tears in my eyes because I am so thankful for the love and support of my friends and family. So I have decided to send an up date on my progress once a week. I will do my very best to be consistent.
Well my house sitting gig fell through. So I am staying with a friend who as a dog (pit bull) this dog is very spoiled to the point she is use to sleeping in the bed in her own room. Well my first night at my friends place the dog made in very clear who was boss by hoping on top of the bed looking me dead in my eye. I was very tired and didn't want to put a fight plus she is in heat so I kindly got up and now I sleep on the
I have only been in ATL for two weeks and I am making a lot of good moves. I sang last night at this popular place called apachie cafe the crowd was really feeling me so I really pleased with myself. Last Thursday I attend the Keri Hilson album release party. I think every producer known to man was there, which was great for me I made a lot of contacts and connections. Everyone I have given music seems to be very interested in working with me so that is a good thing. The key thing in here is that I must show my face a lot, which is very different from Dallas . You know you go to one to many parties you are labeled as a Here the more you go out the more people develop an interest in what ever it is you do.
My big focus right now is to have one of my songs playing on the radio by May 2009. .Once my song is on the radio well then that will bring in the record deals. Keep in mind that is my way of thinking...I could very well get a deal just out of the blue you never know God has his own plan. Although I am meeting a lot of people I am praying that I meet a lot of the right people.

Please continue you to pray for me. I love you all very much