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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weekly Update: First Week Away

April 2,2009
Hey Everyone,

I woke up this morning with tears in my eyes because I am so thankful for the love and support of my friends and family. So I have decided to send an up date on my progress once a week. I will do my very best to be consistent.
Well my house sitting gig fell through. So I am staying with a friend who as a dog (pit bull) this dog is very spoiled to the point she is use to sleeping in the bed in her own room. Well my first night at my friends place the dog made in very clear who was boss by hoping on top of the bed looking me dead in my eye. I was very tired and didn't want to put a fight plus she is in heat so I kindly got up and now I sleep on the
I have only been in ATL for two weeks and I am making a lot of good moves. I sang last night at this popular place called apachie cafe the crowd was really feeling me so I really pleased with myself. Last Thursday I attend the Keri Hilson album release party. I think every producer known to man was there, which was great for me I made a lot of contacts and connections. Everyone I have given music seems to be very interested in working with me so that is a good thing. The key thing in here is that I must show my face a lot, which is very different from Dallas . You know you go to one to many parties you are labeled as a Here the more you go out the more people develop an interest in what ever it is you do.
My big focus right now is to have one of my songs playing on the radio by May 2009. .Once my song is on the radio well then that will bring in the record deals. Keep in mind that is my way of thinking...I could very well get a deal just out of the blue you never know God has his own plan. Although I am meeting a lot of people I am praying that I meet a lot of the right people.

Please continue you to pray for me. I love you all very much


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