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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weekly Update: Tough Time I Shine

May 29,2009
Dear Friends,
As you all know for the past few weeks I have been very frustrated with my progress in the "A". It seem as if things were moving fast for me when I first got here and then things just got slow. I attended T.I. farewell concert on Sunday night and I noticed that a lot of performers put a lot of attention on "haters" and what’s not good with life. I thought to myself things can not be that bad. Usually people say thank you after their big break or when things are going their way. Well I come saying THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK matter if I ever make it or win a Grammy or ever go platinum. I have no complaints about my life. I am so blessed to have friends like each and everyone of you. Its not about the fans to come but its all about the supporters I have now.
I say thank you for always coming to a show even if it was very many people there. I say thank you for jamming my music as if it were a hit on the radio.
Mommy, I love you, I love you I love you. Every time I put my gloves on i think of you (you are truly fashion forward) My little sister Danita ( sometimes I think you should have been born first...) I am so proud of you thank you for being an example of what strength, love, and faith can bring to my life just by living right. Daddy, thank you for teaching how to walk by faith. Crystal and’re such great cousins. I say thank you to my church family (the 7:30am and wed. night crew) for being my audience and loving me some much. Jennifer, OMG were do I start thank for always saying you can do it, you are doing it (and for allowing me to sleep on your couch Melissa you for the gym hook and always checking on me. Monica, Crystal, Marita, Keesa, April, and Angela I have always wanted to have the click of friends that were unique and different but very supportive, Thank you guys for being you and for allowing to be in the click.
Christina, Dedra, Robyn, Kris, Katria, Joy, and Shene ..all I can say is wow thank you for being my prayer partners and always standing by my side. Ronya, you are so awesome its un real. It was just last year we were day dreaming were we would be next year and look at us now. Tony, you always answer saying just what I need to hear to move forward. Jason and Daylon homies always making sure I don't get off track. J.D. (I'm not scared of lions and tigers and thanks for being my emergency boyfriend( what am I going to do when you get a girlfriend( hopefully Dwight Howard will have found me by just I’m Paul, aww so sweet, my bud thanks. Tish , Tish , Tish you are such a great listener (I love being your twin) Amberly, drinking a Washington Apple is not fun with out you., thank you. Josh (OMG,you always say that)...we have risen above water, thanks girlie. Joslyn Delk, you’re so smart, thank you
college roomie. Nikki (Angela) no worries we are single but very fabulous, thanks girl. Lauren, my fashion stylist we haven't been friends long but thank God we are. Keka I could not have asked for a better manager...thank you for being so patient with my impatient self. Leon, yes i love you, you worry because you care, thank you for caring. The Roy Williams Safety Net Foundation, thank you volunteer family for always showing up to a show and rutting for me. Mrs. Felicia, thank you for words of wisdom just when I need them. Georgie (Butt Head!!), you always have my back...thank you. Lonnie, you are a funny guy were would I be without you. Byron ( we are doin it making hits!!!) thanks for just believing. Krystal (my god sister), thank you for being my role model. Aunt Janice, thank you for being the best aunt ever. Aunt Deila, thank you for always checking up on me. Mrs. Gilmore you are to sweet for words. Denise, thank\s for sending out my weekly
update I love you. Jacovie, what can I say but dude you’re the best. I am sorry if I forgot anyone. To every aunt, uncle, cousin, and friend I have ever had and do have THANK YOU!!!. You all mean so much to me and I am truly blessed
My words of encouragement are very simple, when it look like everything is going wrong, take some time out to be thankful for everything that is going right.

Love Ya !
Lola Natisa

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