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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weekly Update: Pouding the Pavement

April 8,2009

Hey Guys

OMG(mom that means Oh My God) I miss you guys so much. I talk about Dallas all the time, I talk about it so much a friend asked me do I think it was a good idea to move. my response was only time will tell.
Well I have really been pounding the pavement this week. I'm still meeting a lot of people and networking. Networking is WORK! ...omg it is a lot of work. I never thought I would see the day were I would say I am exhausted from going

Remember last week I told you guys that my goal is to have my song playing on the radio by May. Well before that happens i have to have a manger.Its the only way I will be taken seriously. I have met with a few people that are interested in manageing but there is this one lady named Keka that I think I may sign with. I also have a PR rep as well. I pretty much am sold on this one lady before I met with her she researched me in Dallas.When she told me that my heart stopped. Not that I have done anything that will risk my image but its crazy the type of information she knew. This lady was on it! she had pictures of me, she knew were I sang it was cool but creepy (fyi: please know the people to stand with in pictures that you take) There is a picture of me on some site she asked me what was my relationship with the young brotha and I had no idea who he ( OMG the life of a rock
I have learned very quickly to accept rejection. Everyone isn't going to believe in me or like me for that matter. I met with the music director for Neyo lable and after he expressed his strong dislike for my vioce and music i realized then no matter what I have got to stay focus and not to let what people say get the best of me. Two things that I can't fake and that is self love or my confidence in my music
I have two show cases lined up for April which i am very excited about because not only do I need a manager,PR, but most important i need an investor. Because I am an R&B singer I am more likely to sign with an independant lable. I can't just sign with any lable there must be money backing the lable.Now were are those lables I am glad you asked
Most athletes own these lable. I had the chance to go some PRE- NFL draft party and at first I thought that it was a waste of time until my manager begin to introduce me to a few players. Now these players DON"T PLAY about their investments so my job is to really do well at my show cases and really show that they can make a return on me as well ( feel like a piece of
So my Goals for the month of April are:
1. Sign with a really really really good manager
2. Sing as much as possible
3. Find an investor

I just want to say thanks so much again for just praying and supporting me it means the world to me. I have attached my favorite song to this email. Download it and enjoy...share with friends

Love you , Miss you

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