Finding My Way To Love

Monday, July 25, 2011

Unshakable Faith/ Remain In Praise... Ya Dig

Marion Barber is a super star NFL running back and the coolest guy I've never met. In fact he is so cool that he refers to God as Pop’s and at the end of every one of his twitter prayers he ends with Amen, Ya Dig (too funny for words). I’m not sure what he plans on doing after his football career but if he becomes a pastor of a church I’m totally attending his church service just too hear him tell his congregation “ it’s offering time Amen, Amen, Amen Ya Dig (lol).I’ve never been into guys with long dread locks but Mr. Barber makes a single girl reconsider her preference. It’s no question that Marion Barber is a saved, sanctified brotha (lol) He’s the gentleman a single girl sits next to in church and finds herself thinking sinful thoughts and completely tuning out what the preacher is saying because she’s totally surrendered to the coloring fornication thoughts in your head (tragedy, don’t judge me) She’d want to ask him out after service but considering the minor orgasm she just had in the Lord’s house it would be best for her to walk away and pray for forgiveness lol. In all honesty what makes Marion so attractive is his genuine gratitude he expresses to God and his confidence in his faith. There is a quote that he once said on Twitter that I practice daily “Remain In Praise… Ya Dig”.

January 1st of this year my friends Monica, Michelle and I created vision boards. Our vision boards are a collage of things we want and things we want to change in our lives. Smack dead in the middle of my collage I have picture of a wedding ring and next to the ring is a picture of a handsome man saying “Lola, will you marry me” and I say :yes, yes, YES I Will (lol). Here it is the 7th month of the year and I am still standing in the front of the store I work at in Lenox Mall waiting for my one love to walk in and carry me away ….tragedy (lol). Meeting my husband wasn’t the only thing I visualized myself doing this year. I mean I thought I would have that flat belly I’ve been busting my butt in the gym for by now, and a well respected entertainment manager and a huge record with my hot new single playing on the radio across the world, but nope it’s just me and my band Gravity performing where ever we can get a gig…”Dear God why hath thou forsaken MEEEEEE!?!?! (lol)”. To look at my vision board and then to look at my life it’s as if the whole year is going by fast leaving nothing for me behind but a whole lot of pointless first dates. It makes me ask questions like, why have dreams if they wont come true and why work hard when it will only leaves me wounded. As I ask myself these questions while stirring at my dreams plastered on my bed room wall and I can’t help but want to snack my vision off the wall, rip it up in a million pieces and just cry myself to sleep, but I don’t. Instead I Remain In Praise Ya Dig!!!

In as much as I don’t have all that I envisioned I would have by now I have something better and that is unshakeable faith. I believe this year God has positioned me and preparing for my ultimate life. Before my vision board I didn’t have a vision and now with a clear vision God can order my steps and for that I am grateful. Unsure of where I will sleep next week or even how I will get to work I know that I am so much closer to my heart’s desires and just knowing that I can’t help but to “Remain In Praise”

To my friend that has set goals and has dreams but the days are looking bleak Remain in Praise even on the cloudiest day God will give you a clear direction. To my friend who has joined and every other dating site but yet and still you’re not having much success, I encourage you to stay faithful, he’s close. My father once said in a sermon of his that quitters never win and winners never quit. You and I aren’t quitters and when nothing else helps we must simply; Remain in Praise, Ya Dig (lol)

Til Next Time
Simply Lola

Friday, July 15, 2011

Disaster to Decent Date

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. That doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to say it just means I’ve finally found the time to organize my thoughts and let you all know just how I’m coming along with pursuit in “Finding My Way To Love”. Between transitioning out of my nanny job, to finding another job and attending my family reunion, I’ve managed to squeeze in a few dates. One was an absolute disaster and the other was decent.

Mr. Disaster is from North Carolina and is a movie investor (so he says). He is a divorcĂ© (not so sure if that’s true)and a father of a young boy. He took me to a Thai Restaurant, where Tiger dines when he’s in town (Tiger Woods, that is…fancy). As we sat for dinner, he took the liberty of ordering my meal. Considering I couldn’t understand the language of the menu , I was totally appreciative of him ordering for me. He had the groper and I had what looked like lamb chops This is where the disaster comes into play. As we are having dinner he started talking about traveling the world. I expressed to him that I have my passport but I haven’t been out of the country. He of course starts to talk about all the places he’s been on his private jet. Apparently he only goes to the doctor in Columbia (um, excuse me but, who goes to another country for an annual check up?!?!) As he is discussing how he only flies private a couple walked over to the table and ask him if him and his “wife” were still planning on attending a surprise party and how was his job hunt….Busted!!! When the couple walked away from our table there was an awkward silence. I couldn’t help but make a joke so I simply said; Not flying private often, are you? It was clear this date had come to an end and home was the only place for me to go.

The following day I went to work and told my co-workers all about my disaster of a date. As we laughed at the foolishness I noticed a guy walk past our store a few times. I didn’t pay much attention to him because I figured he was looking for someone. After walking back and forth the rookie finally walked in and gave me the sweet compliment. He said; I’ve been walking past this store admiring your smile. Flattered by his game, I simply said, thank you. Since I was working we quickly exchanged numbers and went on about our day. During lunch we briefly talked through text. He asked me if I went to church, of course I do. Then he said he’s in town working out for the NFL and wanted to know if he could go to church with me. Church for date, my granny would just love him (lol). Sunday finally arrived and off to church we went. He wasn’t familiar with the city so I offered to drive. He was a gentleman, opening my car door, and the church doors for me, he was so sweet and so fine ( defensive back, tall, dark and handsome, just how I like em (lol)) Lord I pray that my coloring thoughts get thee behind me …Amen. As we sat down for service he held my hand and kissed it. I thought the gesture was sweet but a bit much for strangers. When we stood up for praise and worship he grabbed my hand again and he never let it go. When he wasn’t holding my hand he was rubbing my knee. It was really sweet, but I still say it was a whole lot for Jesus (lol). After church we went and had brunch. While eating brunch I learned that he wasn’t a drinker, or a smoker, he was just a simple guy from up north. He just finished college and he stays in panic mode regarding the lockout. The whole time he talked the only thing I could think about was my age, I’m 30. I’m 30 and ready to get married and have children I can’t marry a child…I mean what would Jesus do ?!?!(lol). At the end of our date he asked me could we hangout again before we left. Once again I was flattered but honesty is the best policy. I told him that I thought he was the most amazing man I had been out with in a long time but I’m 30 and I’m ready to get married and have children. I said; you’re young very young and you’re a rookie, you should enjoy your youthful rookie years with groupies and cheerleaders and whatever else in thrown at you (lol). We both laughed and agreed to stay in touch. He even told me when all this lockout stuff was over and he gets to play out his dream, he was flying me to New York to see him in action…that is if I’m not married with kids (lol).

Later that night I gave my favorite grandmother a ring, to tell her all about disaster and decent date. When I told her how Mr. Disaster lied about having a job and being married she said; Tisa if a nigga will lie he sho nuff will commit adultery. I know you fornicate but fooling around with a married man will only lead you straight to hell, and I Know you don’t wont to go to hell (of course I don’t)!!!(lol). I laughed so hard I had to catch my breath before I started talking about my decent young buck. Being the saved, sanctified Sunday school teacher/minister, she is, she loved the church going brotha, Mr.Decent. I had to break the news to her that he was too young and there wont be a second date. She was disappointed but said: well, I feel like you getting close to something. So keep prayin, asking The Good Lord to send you someone that will love you and wont lie, cheat, and beat on ya.

To my friend that has had a few disaster dates and even a few decent that may not be the one do my granny has suggested. Honey just keep prayin that the good Lord send you a husband that wont lie, cheat, or beat yo ass. Believe me I’m praying the same prayer.

Til Next Time
Simply Lola