Finding My Way To Love

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Quickies Are Okay

Every now and again in the middle of the week my friends and I like to go have a drink at who ever is having the happiest happy hour that day. Sometimes a drink can or does turn into a few drinks which leads to a single woman scheduling a coloring session with a familiar male friend. What I mean by familiar male friend is HE lives alone not legally or verbally binned to anyone. This is not a side chick situation people!!! This is you're single I'm single lets mingle  because we're single situation. Some call it a Booty Call, while I call it a Coloring Call, lol (sounds corny but cute,lol).  Anyway, usually after that  happy hour turns into a very happy night and that clearly makes for a happy day the next day. Unless you have pulled an all nighter. Then the next day is  just a very long day, I mean extremely LONG Day! Which doesn't leave me happy, clearly because drinking is involved.

I get up at 4am every morning and go to the gym, then I go to my sister school and make breakfast for her students, followed by a shower, change of clothes and off to work. As you can read my morning is full of stuff to do and I have to be alert and ready to go. With that being said at my age Quickies are OKAY!!!.I encourage them especially  in the middle of the week,lol. If  I hit you up a 7pm on Wednesday please believe I know that we paint great pictures.  Since I know your capability there's  no need to pound away with your paint brush to the early morning.We both have jobs for crying out loud and its NEVER hot for me to crawling into work because I am exhausted from the night before. Coloring in the middle of the week is more like a quick sketch, an energy booster. Trust me it's a sprint not a marathon. There's no need to create a artistic master piece with your bed sheets. Save the long nights of passionate painting  for the weekend.  And what I mean by weekend is Friday night Saturday mornings because I do go to church and Saturday nights are my day of rest from the week (don't judge me I've come a long way and still have a very long way to go).

I get it ! No man on this earth wants to part of the minute man family. I get  men want to stamp their mark on every canvas they get to color. I don't want you to be a minute man either, I prefer 15 minutes and if you don't talk well we have a good night. What I mean by not talking is if you want to know about my week, read my facebook status, I'm honest on how I'm feeling. I appreciate the extra effort you put in to make it last all night. The very fact that a man wants me to have multiple coloring explosions in one night is very thoughtful. To think of me first before yourself leaves me speechless. Please don't miss understand me I LOVE COLORING ALL NIGHT, just not when I have to go to work the very next day. I have to keep my job to keep my gym membership so that I am ready for the real action on Friday nights... NOT Saturday nights  cause I gotta go to church on Sunday, lol.

To my friend reading this and understands where I'm coming just leave a comment saying...AMEN.