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Friday, October 12, 2012

New York Update

It’s a little over four months since I’ve move to the Big Apple and for the most part I’m not doing to bad. I am still sleeping on my friend Monica’s couch but focused on getting a place of my own. I enrolled into this performing arts program at the New York Film Academy so I am real excited about starting school in January. I’m still working at my crazy hotel and no I have not gotten use to the night shift. I was working what felt like a hundred jobs when I first got here but I quickly had to quit a few of them… well I was only working three but I quit Steven Madden. I loved the discount but my job title was the  “Up Stairs Girl” meaning I did nothing but stand up stairs in the men’s section of the store. Every time I had to go into work I felt like I was wasting my life away it's just a not work $9.50 an hour. Plus men from overseas always came in the store wanting to take pictures with me and of me, that was just weird and uncomfortable at same damn time (lol).  I figure if I need some extra money I’ll look into over time at the hotel. I get asked a lot about New York and if I like here or is it over rated and what makes it different than living in the south.

Well to be honest I really like here. The weather is quickly changing and I’m not really ready for cold and snow. It was so cold one morning I had to catch a cab from my job to the train station. The station is not that far but Lord have mercy when that wind started to blow it became unbearable (lol). There’s no denying that the city is very fast pace. If you’re real particular about your personal space New York City is NOT the place for you. My mom and sister came out to visit and they were so ready to walk until they realized they couldn’t keep up. My mom had no problem going any where that got us there by cab, we rode the train once and she was done. I think that had something to do with the homeless man sleeping across from us with his mouth wide open (lol). Public transportation get's really crowded really fast, especially in the afternoon. The food is just okay it’s not all that great. In my opinion they could use alot moe butta in a lot of things, and a lot more pork too. The Jews own most of Manhattan which means you get served blue cheese with your salad. Ranch dressing has become a delicacy(lol)

Working at night is safe for me because the night life here is crazy. Everyone knows how I love to party. Lord knows if i could find a job to kick every night of the week I'd be its best employee (lol) I went out for my birthday and had way too much fun. The DJ’s in New York play a variety of  music and I danced all night. In Dallas the DJ’s tend to only play down south music making UGK sound like a hot new release. The vibe and the people are just different. This not a place were you can fake the fonk. Because the south is a little slower and much cheaper it’s easy to pretend to be ballin out of control. But that mess don’t fly down here. It’s real clear that everybody is on their grind because rent is due and rent is as high as a giraffe’s ass (lol). Aint nobody got time to be acting like they got more than what they really have. And for that it kinda makes the city an honest city ( if that makes any sense).

Famous people can be seen anywhere at any given time. I guess it was about a month and a half ago I was in Duane Reade Drug Store and saw Diana Ross. Not really paying any attention just getting something quick, I was standing in line and a lady tapped me on my shoulder and asked me if anyone ever told me I look like a young Janet Jackson. I turned to answer her and what do ya know it was Diana Ross. I asked if I could take a picture and just like the polite Diva she is sad No (lol). Of course celebrities are always hanging out at the hotel I work at. I had the pleasure of accidently walking in on Plexico Burrass while paying his water bill. I was so embarrassed. I ran out so fast that I don’t think he heard me say sorry (lol). But in my defense I knocked on the door before opening the restroom. Thankfully famous people are easy to identify unlike the homeless people.

I can’t tell you how many times I have almost walked right on top of a homeless man or woman. They sleep all over the dog gone city…OMG. Sometimes which is sad but they will blend in with the trash. I use to feel terrible for them and give them a few dollars but there are so many of them when I’m walking to and from work that I had to stop because if I kept it up I’d be sleeping right next to them on the street.

I will say as much as I love the city I don’t plan on staying out here forever. I see moms catching cabs to take their kids to school or pushing a stroller through all this walking traffic and it looks more frustrating than fun. I really haven't seen much eye candy in the city other than the bellman at my job and that could be because I work the worst shift ever in life. He's extremely tall and built like a lineman. I don’t like him in a way of dating him but I wouldn’t mind him being my maintenance man (if ya know what I mean, but he has a girl friend which totally sucks) I’m still holding out for Calvin Johnson, (lol). I'm somewhat talking to my gentle giant in Dallas, but he is really dragging his feet so I'm not really sure it will last too much longer. I feel like if I have to ask you where this is going then its probably not headed in the direction I want it to go. Then again I could be wrong, only time will tell.

The truth of the matter is home is always home. No matter where I go I still would somehow in a way rather be home. I've declared my marriage for sometime next year so I'm hoping my husband is home.

Til Next Time
Simply Lola