Finding My Way To Love

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Introducing Lola Simone

When I was a little girl my dad would take my sister and I to Blockbuster after school on Fridays to rent movies. It never failed I always rented the same video from the store. I always got Janet Jackson’s tape of music videos. In fact I rented it so much that the store manager one day just gave me the tape to have. On the weekends my sister and I could stay up as long as we wanted, I would wait til everyone was asleep and I would pop my Janet Jackson tape in the recorder and just watch her for hours. I can’t remember how old I was but I remember my cousin Stacy asking me what I wanted to be when I grow up. I said with confidence, I want to be Janet Jackson. She said oh so you want to be a singer, I said yes but I want to be Janet Jackson the singer (lol). For a while I really worked hard attempting to be Janet Jackson’s clone. I even won a Halloween costume contest dressed as her, but still I was just a look alike (lol). Somewhere between then and now I discovered the person I can be is Lola (lol). And as Lola I’m not that bad of a singer/ pop artist.

The journey of music has taken me through several directions of genres. I started out recording Neo Soul and then R&;B and now Pop. I never had an interest or a desire to sing gospel…no reason in particular it just wasn’t my thing( I can feel the Judges judge me as the anxiously start to type their self righteous opinions about my preference, lol). I only sang Neo Soul and R&;B because I thought that’s what black singers were suppose to sing. But I fell in love with music watching a pop artist, Janet Jackson. Singing pop music has been a comfortable and easy transition. I love singing Pop and selling sex (lol)…only through song, I’m a lady I’m not that easy…well maybe I am… give a glasses of wine and who knows what I’ll do (wink) ,lol (relax it’s a joke). Anyway developing into a Pop artist has been really great. I have been accepted by an audience that allows me to do what I love and not be judged. I’ve become more confident with myself as woman and as an artist. I’m really enjoying the change and with change come reinventions.

I have been known as Lola Natisa the Neo Soul and even the R&B artist. Now I’m a sexy pop artist and its time to spice my name a little. My first name Lola is taken from fiery grandmother Lola Simmons. My mom told me a long time ago she named me after my grandmother because my grandmother is confident, strong and a fighter. Now I have been through a lot, lord knows I have and I’d like to think I take after my granny in a lot of ways. So there for to pay homage to her I have change my stage name to Lola Simone. I’m using Simone because its sexier than Simmons (what do you think). With that being said I am going to be making changes to my face book, twitter and my other social media accounts. I prayed about my big move. I really want to move to the big apple, but I asked God to let his will be done. Where ever I end up I want to have a core foundation already developed as an artist. I have a big show on the 24th of April so by then I should have my music, photos, website another things done.

In life I have found that I am going to be trying a variety of things before I find what works for me. I am going to go on a hundred dates or more(I'm hoping less) before I date the one guy I’ll marry. And I’m ok with that. My friend/ manager Alex told while getting ready for a show that one habit I have to break is settling. If it doesn’t work try something else, but don’t settle until it’s what you want. I’m changing my name and possibly changing where I live, if these things don’t work I’ll do change again. Life is too short to punish myself with less than the best or what’s best for me.
Til Next Time Simply Lola, or shall I say Simly Lola Simone 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

To Move or Not To Move, That Is The Question

I have been in Atlanta now for a little over a year and one thing is for sure it is time to get the hell up out of my friends house and go. For those who don’t know but the reason I moved to Atlanta was because my friend asked if I could come down and help her get her life in order . She just had her second child and she didn’t have much family and wanted to know if I would help her for a few months. Well a few months has turned into a year and I have done all I can do, and its time I get my freedom back and focus on me. Now I don’t regret moving to Atlanta I just wished I would have moved under better circumstances. Lesson learned, when someone asked you for a favor think long, I mean very long about the sacrifices you’ll be making on their behalf. With that being said I will be moving out on March 31st, 2012 and I have no idea where I’m going, but at this point I don’t care if I am sleeping outside next to a homeless crack head who smells like week old trash… (oh please dear Jesus make a way for me to not have to sleep outside, amen). So here are my options, stay in Atlanta and pursue my dream, move to New York and start all over but pursue my dream, or move back home to Dallas and call it quits.

I want to stay in Atlanta because finally after all these years of labor and pain in pursuing my life long dream of becoming a fucking star it’s finally happening. I have a team of people that are passionate about helping me in making my vision a reality. Plus I finally have a band. I must say I’ve found my nitch with music here and slowly but surely I have a growing fan base. I’m really good at singing pop music and the gay men of Atlanta are loving me more than any straight man has ever loved me and heck I’ve shared coloring moment with them(lol). I feel like if I leave now when things a really starting to pick up I will have to start all over again no matter if I go home or to New York. I know I look young but I am a middle aged woman that needs some stability. The only thing about Atlanta is I’m not a Mega Star yet and I work a part job because I’ve been helping my friend get her life together and now I need a full time job or another part time job. Now one thing about me is that I will work til the bitter core, I will bust my butt on a job but I have yet to here back from any of the jobs I have applied for.

Then there is New York. I got an offer from a friend who works at brokerage firm to work as an administrative assistant. I’d have a place to stay and the hours on the job would give me the flexibility to audition and record and do all I need to do to pursue my entertainment career. Anyone who knows me knows how much I absolutely love the NYC. I use to say all the time that I would give anything to live in New York in a match box apartment living the good life and shopping at luxury stores I really can’t afford (lol). The pro in this situation is that I have a job that pays better than the job I have now, I would be close to my good friend Monica and we’d have a great time like the old times in ATL , and its New York!!! The cons are that the team I’m working with here in Atlanta is so awesome and my band is here. I don’t want to leave them we’ve come so far n these few months. … but it’s New York, my dream location, a place I have always wanted to live…decisions , decisions, decisions.

Finally Dallas, I love my home town. I miss my family and friends so much, and singing on Sunday with my mom is something I would give anything to do every Sunday. I miss my church family they are so faithful in just supporting everything I do, and my. My niece is my number one fan and she’s my Minnie me I feel like I’m missing her grow up. But the only thing is that I struggle so hard musically at home. It’s like the bands and producer , hell even some promoter just don’t want to give me a chance and that really frustrates me. I feel like I have to beg for a chance to prove my talent and that really sucks. But I love my family and friends so much I don’t really care about the nay sayers (lol).Plus I can always work for my favorite friend and boss Daylon. the pay is shitty but the perks are great(lol) So what do I do, I have no clue.

Some people look at me as this adventurous, free spirit who wont stop til I get to the top. And then there are others may look at me as an unstable woman who is wondering about the world believing in an unrealistic reality. As for me, I believe I’m just tryin to find my way. I know that at the end of the day I have to decide exactly what to do for myself but I’m so confused. Before I decide on anything I want to here from you my friend… tell me what do you think I should do. Should I stay in Atlanta, move to New York, or just go home.
Simply Lola