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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weekly Update: Survival of a Starving Artist

June 2,2009

Great news! I have just recorded a hit (well all my songs are! I love it, I love it I love it! It’s called “Farewell”! I have attached it to this email so check it out when you have time. I will be holding auditions for my All Girl Band this week. My band will be called Urban Glam(what do ya think). So it will be Lola with Urban Glam. Also this football season, I will perform the opening Star Spangled Banner at Jacksonville, Tampa, and Tennessee games. I really wish I could open up a Dallas Cowboy game but it takes an act of congress for Mix tapes are really big in Atlanta so I am also working on getting on a few up and coming mix tape. Things are really coming along. So Shay hold tight the album is coming 

My friend Monica pasted the GMAT and is on her way to the beach to celebrate. I am so jealous but very proud of her. Ronya is getting married. Hay!!!

Every week my mother always calls and takes a deep sigh and asks...Tisa (that’s my nickname) are you ok? With a big smile I respond and yes mommy I am doing great. Being a starving artist is not an easy job but someone has got to do it. This week, I have decided to let you all in on my survival tactics and answer a few questions you all may have.
Do I have a job? Yes I am a singer/songwriter.

Well first of all I am not sleeping in my car…lol (I am way to cute for My friend Jennifer has extended her very luxurious couch to me. I am telling you the couch feels so good its like sleeping at the Four Seasons…well maybe not the Four Seasons but more like just for a season (God willing). I have money saved to pay the important bills: my car note, cell phone and gas. About every two weeks my mom puts 50 dollars in my account, she doesn’t think I know but I do (thanks mom!) I use that just in case, and just in case can be anything from an oil change, flat tire, bail money (just kidding), or toothpaste, etc. I stay in shape with the assistants of my friend Melissa. She is a manager of a very high profile complex downtown. When she is at work, she lets me in the fitness center and I get my Kenya Workout on …lol. My Aunt Debra works for Channel so she is always giving perfume samples and stuff. As for food, well that’s easy.
Atlanta is filled with over the top opening events, listening parties, and other
little shin digs. My manager makes sure that I am on the list for everything in site for “networking” purposes but little does she know that I get down with the free food and free wine (Aunt Janice, don’t worry! I am a very responsible drinker…I never drive while drinking…lol). Depending on how hungry I am, I may carry my trendy big black purse that my friend Tish gave me and stock up…lol.

Now when the city is slow and the events are few far and in between, I go on dates. Remember I never play and work in the same place. So there are rules to dating for food. First, these men are strangers so I drive my own car to the restaurant. Next, I always order a kid’s meal, appetizer, or a salad. I never ever order from the sex side of the menu (Jason and Daylon taught me that). Speaking of dating the Titan (what is a girl to do)

The sacrifices i have made may seem like a lot. I believe that more I give up makes room for things I desire to have. I know I that people may have their opinons about the way I have decided to live my life, but at the end of the day I have no regets.

Well that’s all folks, talk to ya ne

Love Ya!

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