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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Is Here

Its here, its here, out with old and in with the new. Burned some bridges so I can’t go back. Oh well forgive and forget. What a year 2009 was for me and what will 2010 bring to me. As of December 31, 2009 I have requested to be released from Weekes Entertainment. I believe their intentions were good and that they believed in me but at the same time business is business and I have to think of the betterment of my career. I am sure they will excel to great heights and I will forever appreciate their love and support that they have given me. So now, what is next for the infamous Lola Natisa…lol. I have been asking this question repeatedly for a few days. I am not worried, anxious, or afraid. I have accepted my storm and now I am just preparing for the weather.

Living at home has been very interesting. My mother and father are the funniest couple to see interact. They are so youthful in their older age. My mother has no desire to do anything but tell me what to do (got to work for room and board one way or another) (lol). When something does not work, needs to be connected, or needs cleaning she lets me know and expects it done (mom I’m on it lol). On new years day my mother asked to me put something away in sister’s old bedroom closet. While putting this item away I came across a book titled “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. I could tell from the texture and color of the book that the book was written a while back. I opened the book and noticed it was copy written in 1960, in a time where prosperity was just working a job for 30 years plus and then retiring from that 30 year old plus job. My friend Jennifer and I are huge fans of the new age book “The Secret”. Because of the book copy written date I was curious to know if the philosophies were the same. Although I am only on chapter five, I have discovered a few things:
1. Gandhi was a great man of wealth with out using money.
2. Great men of this country were not all well educated, for example, Thomas Edison only had three months of schooling. Henry Ford only had a sixth grade education.
3. Napoleon Hill has got to be dead, he gave a commencement speak at a Virginia University in 1922 and baccalaureate sermon in the early 1950’s…lol
4. Finally, all wealth starts with a thought or an idea. It is the unsure or lack of self-confidence that keeps me from really progressing in my purpose, goal, and desire.

The book talks about positive emotions bring life to wants and desires. I went to church on Tuesday with my friend Lauren and during praise and worship it hit me that singing, clapping, and dancing were creating a good feeling and producing a positive attitude. As I was giving thanks to God I realized I was bringing life to my hearts desires. As a Christian I put God first I give him thanks in praise, but the age old question is, “what happens when I am not at church”, how do I create that good ole feeling hmmm (thinking) Its simple, a positive attitude is a form of worship. The times I can find the good in the worst situations that shows God that I choose to worship and not complain. Just having a smile on my face or singing to myself develops good emotions not anxious emotions but a steady confident stability in being a child of God. I proclaim, God let your will be done in my life, but the world is mine. Since the world is mine then why ask for a want, I already have it. Marvin Sapp said it best… Praise Him In Advance

Till Next Week

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