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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Power Purpose Passion

Power Purpose Passion

As a small child I wondered where I had come from and how did I get here. My mother told me there was place called baby heaven and her and my father prayed for me to come live with them ( boy if they only knew what they know now…they’d still keep me around…lol). As I have gotten older, I have wondered why I am here. Where is my place in this world? My college advisor once told me, as I figure out life and experience the possibilities of what’s to come of me make sure I always do it with Power, Purpose and Passion. Not matter how big or small life may appear always, always give this world my gift with Power, Purpose, and Passion.

My senior year of college two girls from my vocal performance class and I decided to audition for American Idol. Their names were Judith and Jameica (sisters) Jameica was the younger of the two had made it to the top forty the year before. She let us in on exactly what to expect going in for the audition. Being that the audition was just a few blocks down from our dorm, we wanted the whole America Idol experience. Therefore, for two days we slept outside with anticipation. My mother called every five minutes to explain to me how unsafe it was for me to be sleeping outside and worried that I could be kidnapped, and if anything were to happen she wouldn’t able to get to me. There were hundreds of thousands of people from all over the United States waiting for their “Big Break”. For the entire two days people were singing, playing instruments, it was just crazy. It was such a big deal for Judith and Jameica that their parents drove all the way down from Houston Texas to make sure we had food and blankets. By that second day we began to smell like outside (wheeww) so my friend Jennifer came down to were we were posted and guarded our spot while we showered at the dorm. The final hour had come for our audition. As they were calling out numbers, I began to become very nervous and anxious. I remember an old woman at my father’s church telling me that when ever I can't think of anything to say just say the Lords Prayer. Well they called my number and although I practiced Saving All My Love by Whitney Houston for my audition, the only words in my head were the Lords Prayer. When it was my turn to sing, Saving All My Love went right out the door and The Lord’s Pray came out my mouth. I figured that if I was going to sing the Lord’s Prayer, I had better give it all I got. Who would have thought that song would have gotten me to the third

I work very hard as singer. I rehearse my music, do vocal exercises, promote my shows, and exercise. As a singer I have sung in some (momma excuse my language) shity places. One time in college Jennifer traveled with me to a place right outside of Auburn Alabama just so I could sing at a place called “The Club”…no lie the town was so small that there the exact names of places were , “The Church”, The Store, “The Club”. This place had no running water and the microphone would not work so I sung out of a bullhorn….tragic just tragic…lol. Before Gucci Main was the star rapper he is today, I opened up for him at a very hood club in Eastpoint ATL. Til this day I am not sure why the promoter felt like I was a good opener for him. On the other hand, I have had the opportunity to sing at some really great places and open up for some great acts (read my bio @ No matter where, or who is listening, big or small crowd I make sure that I sing with Power Purpose and Passion

In this life, we are not aware of what is to come next. The only way time can be wasted is if time is not used to its fullest potential. No matter what it is that you may do start today by doing it with Power Purpose and Passion. You never will be disappointed if you are giving your best.

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