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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Underestimated Expectations

Underestimated Expectations:

While living in Atlanta, GA I attended the BMI music showcase after party. Many, many celebrities filled Club Door 44. I some how got lost in the shuffle and was unable to locate my friends. After growing tried of looking for them, I decided to take a rest and have a seat. Next to where I was sitting was the VIP booth for pro NFL player Braylon Edwards. Mr. Edwards approached me not one but three times explaining that his section started were I was sitting. I got very annoyed the third time he came over so I decided to just move to the bar and get a glass of wine. I grabbed my drink and low and behold as I was turning around …guess who…OMG!!! there he was again in my face (breathe). Before he could even open his mouth I said with much attitude, in a sarcastic tone “sir, look I have moved ...can please stop being such an asshole to me”. I even introduced him to a girl standing behind me and encouraged him to talk to her. He laughed and said, “I was coming to apologize for being rude and if I would like to go out with him before he left town”. I wanted to be Miss Independent, roll my eyes and say no, but I was tired of eating pizza from my job. Therefore, I agreed to go out only if we weren’t having pizza. He agreed, and let me tell you it felt so good to eat Gladys Knight Chicken and Waffles. I never thought chicken and waffles could taste so good in ALL OF MY LIFE>>>LMAO Bad situations can some times have a happy endings.

Last week I had an audition for a play called “Wrecked but Not Total” from the title it is clear that it’s a gospel play. When I walked in for my audition, I could tell that the casting director was not expecting much from me. Her facial expression showed that she had been filled with disappointments and I was no different from the other failures. As I took center stage, she asked me my name and the title of the song that I would be singing. I stated my name and said “I will be singing The Star Bangle Banner” Her eyes got wide and she chuckled to herself (just as I expected). When I opened my mouth to sing I notice her chuckled turned into shock. If I could read minds I am sure she thought to herself (OMG, I was not expecting her to be able to sing) At the closing of my selection I was the one chuckling…lol. After my music selection I then had to do a cold reading (which means I had to read the script in character for the first time) the character I was given was a woman who has just caught her husband in bed with another woman. In auditioning, it is all about delivery. Therefore, I dug deep into myself and reflected on the movie “Dairy Of A Mad Black Woman”…it’s the only thing I could think of…lol. While in character, the writer slammed his hands on the table and tears began to pour out his eyes. The tape stop rolling and the casting director walked over to me and said “thank you for your time and we will be contacting you”. Two days later, I got a call casting me in “Wrecked But Not Totaled”!

At times, we assume the worse due to previous disappointment. As a performer, I am often underestimated base off my looks alone. When I speak, the assumption is that I will have a soft mouse voice unable to be aggressive with a song. At times, these assumptions can become frustrating but as time goes on, I have grown to love getting the last laugh. Sometimes our expression and impressions are not all truth. This week have an open mind. What may look like a bad day could very well be the best day you’ve ever had.

Til Next Week

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