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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Definite Imagination

The decisions we make daily determines our end result in life. It’s amazing that the physical eye and our surroundings can justify and create our individual realities. Not having a paying job, car to drive, no husband or children, and living at home with my parents seems to be quite dreadfully for many to analyze. At my age, it appears that with a college education, striking looks and personality (lol), I would have more to show for it. At times, I have reflected on my life and become a bit disturbed. Knowing that this is not what I want or set out to attain, how is it that I have come to this point and most importantly how do I change.

After completing my book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill I talked to my mother about how imagination formed in thoughts eventually transforms into physical reality. I was confused because I have always thought of myself as a singer, so why were my thoughts of singing not my reality. As the conversation carried on my mother asked how definite my imagination is. Are my thoughts of singing clear, or do I doubt what I imagine? I could not answer the question at that very moment but the question stayed with me days after our conversation.

While watching the playoff game Saturday night I sat in silence observing the growth of the Titan. When I first met the Titan he told me that he was at the end of his contract and wasn’t sure exactly what the future held for him. I remember spending the night over his house and having to use the rest room, while washing my hands (cleanliness is next to I noticed a note card taped to his restroom mirror. The note card read “8 sacks”. Being that he was a seventh round pick, not invited to the combine and barely hitting the field this goal may have seemed unattainable to achieve. When the 2007 season started, the starter of his position was injured and would be out for the season. This was a great opportunity for him. The team was not confident in his ability to be successful at his position due to his size. Who would have thought 280 pounds would be considered too small …go figure…lol. The team brought in a bigger defensive player but this player was unable to play for eight games due to unknown reasons. Opportunity knocked and the Titan answered. When the season ended the Titan only had three sacks but more importantly he received a five year contract (yes I still have the news That year positioned him to continue to achieve a written goal. The next year, he got those eight sacks and became a pro bowler.

The answer to my mothers question was simple. As much as I wanted to say yes, I had to be honest with myself and say no. I did not have a clear imagination of my life of as a singer. All this time I had seen myself in the form of other singers and not as Lola Natisa the singer. That night I prayed for a clear imagination of my life as a singer. That morning I woke and I wrote on a note exactly what I wanted. Every morning and night while brushing my teeth, I use my imagination and visualize my written words on my note card. Each day it becomes more of a burning desire. With patience, persistence, commitment and direction from God I can’t go wrong.

This week I encourage you guys to take a note card write your goal. Use a clear imagination daily and see where you are in 2011

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