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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weekly Update: Its Not Just About Me

Hey Guys,
May 6,2009

Hey Fam,

Attention, attention, attention to all. Well over the past few weeks I have realized that I am not the only one making moves but some of my friends are doing there thing as well.

First we Monica Hall, she is preparing for the GMAT and will be attending grad school in the fall (SUPER!!). Angela Daniels just purchased her first home and will be having her house warming at the end of month(you know I will be there because its not a party with out me…lol) My Tish Ward is now certified to counsel professional crazy people. Now you must be a professional with professional problems to talk to her no baby momma, baby daddy drama…lol. My little sister Danita Harris will be having a baby boy any day now ( I am so happy that there is no pressure for me to have children…I mean can you see as a mom…lol) Jennifer White is working on an up and coming Blog ( I promise you all you will want to read her blogs she all ways knows what’s hot and goes to only the invitation only parties. Crystal Fisher first photo receive honorable mention in an art show (you go girl) and last but not least, Dedra Costal is working on a Christian web site. I
am oh so proud of my homies…you are the best!!! It’s going down in 09 
Ok, so remember when I first moved to Atlanta I needed to sign with a manager and that is what I did. I have a manager and she is awesome. She has really been doing her thing with me and I am super excited. I now have split sheets! Now what is a split sheet is a sheet that divides the prophets of songs that are written and produce. So hopefully shortly I will be getting paid for my work…well more like I WILL BE GETTING PAID for my work. I have been working with very popular song writers this week which is big blessing. I am co writing a lot with Neyo writing team and Nate Walker …theses guy really hot writers so I am in a really good place. So professionally I am making moves.
Now has any one seen Foxy Brown? Well I have at Door 44, I had to use the rest room and what do you know I am greeted by an over sized security guard who happens to be protecting Foxy Brown (from what …I don’t know) After using the restroom I walk over to the sink to wash my hands and as I am walking Foxy turns to me and says I’m sorry I am putting on my make up and I need my space. Now there are like 8 women waiting to wash there hands. After thirty seconds of waiting I turn to her and say I think you are being rude and you need to share the sink. She in returns asks me do I know who she is and I said yes I know you are the woman hogging the sink. Of course everyone is laugh because it’s the truth, she begins to huff and puff backs up her stuff stating let me know because I don’t want to hurt her (I guess the “her” was me) I am sure because of her weight she would knocked me out in one round but I didn’t care I was determined to
my hands…lol
Being her I have learned a lot and why something’s are the way they are. For example the reason why it is important to go out and be seen is because people want to know who is in your circle, what who have you worked with, what is your claim to fame. As shallow as it sounds it is very true. This is why I will never, ever, ever play were I work. So any love connection will not go down in the A. It is very very important to keep your personal and professional separated. There are no prospects right now but you know i got my eye on a few little (just kidding mom)
Now this is what is coming up. I have a Dream Girls audition second audition on Saturday. I did really well at my first one. If it all goes well and I am cast for the show I will tour the country for like a year or so. I also have a show case on May 15th. I am very excited about that as well. It will be great exposure and just another thing to have under my belt.

Love Ya,

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