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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

All Work With Little Time To Play

New York city is super expensive. I mean its nothing to burn through like a $100 bucks in an hour. I spend about $70 bucks a week on transportation alone. Food is a whole other story, because its New York City the price goes up for everything. Plus the city never sleeps so the clubs and bars on top of  catching cabs just makes for a life of bankruptcy (lol).Not only that but with the few auditions and submissions I have sent out with my head shoot and music have left directors and casting agents confused because clearly I don't look like the pictures. Which means new head shots.  With that being said I need money, as much money as I can get. Thankfully I am not a girl that's afraid of a little hard work so I've manage to not only get one job but three, yay me!!!, talk about a tired sista (lol). I am still working at the private bouquet style hotel in Chelsea , but I just recently got a part job at Steve Madden and then I am contracted out by my friend Ivory that works with the NBA for various stuff. I'm not sure exactly what Ivory does but what I do know is when she walks in a room everyone gets nervous and gets to work. She's really a Boss Chick.

The good thing about working three jobs is for the most part I like them all. On my first day of working at Steve Madden I got a free pair of shoes plus I get half off of everything in the store except for clearance.Considering I'm trying to save money this discount I'm getting could cause major interference(lol).

Working with the NBA rookies is so much fun. I mean how many times does a girl find herself being the center of attention among young millionaires, well with the exception of acrobatic strippers not many(lol). I just love the innocent compliments and flirting but I'm no fool. In as much as they are popular and rich they are also mostly big babies. After spending countless hours hearing them wine and cry about absolutely nothing I'm quickly reminded these future NBA heart throbs are more of a headache than my hearts desire, so I'll pass.One would think with all the money they are getting paid they would have less to complain about, but surely that is NOT the case. I kinda feel bad for them because not only has their lives changed but their entire family and a few friends lives have changed as well as.These kids are taking care of grown folks who they are not responsible for, tragic just tragic. Plus I really like my offensive guard. He's tall dark, handsome, and has really big hands and you know what they say about a man with big hands *wink*. To be honest I have no idea what "they" say about a man with big hands but I'm curious to find out (lol). I would much rather be tackled by him in a game of tongue of war than play hide and seek with a grown ass kid (lol). Who knows if all goes well I just might hand over the love of my life Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson to my dear friend Robyn....I'm sure she'd love that, but I digress.

The hotel is my full time job and its not so bad. It just sucks that I have to work the night shift, but even working nights has its perks. There's a really popular bar/ lounge within the hotel that a lot of famous people frequent often. When I say famous people I'm not talking about your black list B listers that live in the ATL shawty but Oscar winning, A list super stars. I mostly see them at their ultimate worse, usually drunk and hungover coming out of our private bar/ lounge no where near ready for the red carpet. My favorite is when super star athletes try to flatter me with unnecessary compliments  for a hookup on a room for them and their one night stand. I'm not naming any names up a popular defensive back came in the night before a preseason game and wanted a room for him and is lady friend. Now he was already gonna be fined like $10,000 for breaking curfew, when I told him the price of the room he said to me "I'm about to bust a $375 nut, I said no sir this nut is about to cost you $10,375 (ROLMBO)... Now will that be debt or credit gotta love the night shift.

With all these jobs being up for 24 hours has become a norm for me. Its nothing for me to hop on a train heading to one of my part jobs early in the morning only having to go to the hotel and work the night shift . My mornings have become my nights and my nights have become my mornings. There are some days more like most days I feel like I'm way in over my head. On those days I pray "Dear God, why have thou forsaken me?!?!. Then some how some way I find the strength to keep going, fighting for my dreams. The little time I get to play I spend sleeping or playing truth or dare with new crush. Did I mention I really like him, I think I did.(lol) The one thing about working is when I see people on facebook and twitter  out and about having a good time, living it up and I'm stuck behind a desk or on a sales floor ,its not fair. All I can think about is how their grass looks so much greener then mine. But then I have to remind myself that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. I'm sure most of the people I see on social media living the good life probably don't have jobs and should be using their energy to find one but who am I to judge. I know working the way I am right now is just a means to an end and this to shall pass.

To my friend who spends most of their time working, hang in there. This wont be us forever we just got to keep our eyes on the prize and know that in the end it will be worth it.I know it's tiring but our day of rest is just around the corner.

Til Next Time
Simply Lola


Lula said...

Thank you from those of us who have to bear working like 10 jobs in this crazy city!! LoL Welcome to NEW YORK!

That last line gives me hope :)

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