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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Is SEX Really Important

There was a post on facebook a few days ago from a man who raised the question is SEX really important in a relationship. I thought it was very interesting that a man would pose such a question considering sex is what men think about over 60% of the time ( I'm sure that percentage is much higher). Why on earth would a man wonder how important sex is in a relationship giving their attraction to us (women) is mostly sexual. I have yet to meet a man who is totally interested in my beautiful musical talent, or charming personality. Usually men are like ooo cute girl with a vagina and  I know its not because my vagina spits out diamonds because it doesn't,lol but  because its a vagina they have yet to see and are anxious to get wet,lol. The beautiful musical talent and charming personality are just assets to the main attraction. So it just blew me for a loop when this man asked "How Important Is Sex In A Relationship?". My answer to this question is it is VERY important and here is my reason why.

Most single women who are respectable or have used all their hoe moments in their 20's are not getting their pipes cleaned on a regular. We have committed relationships with operated battery devises while we wait for our Prince Charming to come along and make us his one and only true love. My hopes and dreams are that one day I can completely break up with my vibrators and live happily ever after enjoying the penetration of  my personal painter's paint brush, a sizable one at that. This isn't the 1900's where women enjoying sex is forbidden. I have yet to meet a man who is okay with marrying a woman who doesn't give head, lol . I have needs that MUST be met as well, lol. No woman wants to spend their lives in a marriage pretending to have an organism when they really want to just gag or go to sleep from boredom. It shouldn't be a chore in a relationship it should be pure enjoyment. I am  taking pole dance classes and befriending strippers to get tips on keeping a happy husband, and to think the nerve of a men will pull out in 30 seconds thinking I should be satisfied, clearly not. If I'm willing to take pole dance classes as a form of exercise the least a man could do if focus on rocking my world.

Another thing  that makes sex important to a woman is because its in that moment I become completely venerable to a man.When I think about my past relationships or the men that I've love the most the sex was great. There was  this  crazy connection of mind body and soul that infused itself when we were fornicating,lol. It was something I loved most about them because everybody can't put me to sleep,lol.  I can't speak for anyone but myself  and I have a whole lot of insecurities about my body. I am always thinking to myself if I could get these last 10 pounds off I'll be good, while drinking a bottle of wine with a straw,lol. I can't afford a million dollar trainer to look like I just stepped off stage with Beyonce. I don't have butt so big it intimidates Kim Kardashion. So for a man to look at me and my imperfections and still see the beauty in me as well as make me feel within that moment that I am the sexiest woman he's ever kissed is every thing to me. People who have read or read my blog know all about the Titan and although he clearly wasn't best choice of lover for my life it was our coloring sessions that kept me going back. Sex starts with the kiss. The kiss is what determines my level a comfort. Now some men have mastered the art of kissing (i.e. the Titan) and this is what has gotten me caught up in some foolishness but ya live and learn,lol. So kiss with caution, lol.

Now I know there a  million single Christian women reading this ready to judge me but if they were honest with themselves they'd agree. Of course sex is not the only thing that is important but in all truth its a deal breaker. Just like any other woman I want enjoy the company of my personal painter without painting. Having things in common and learning new and different intellectual things is just as important. But lets be clear I enjoy the company of my friends and I learn something new from them all the time so if I wanted to fondle myself I'd be a lesbian.

To my friend who is dating a guy and the sex is bad ... Good luck my friend. Hopefully you all have a relationship strong enough that you all can work that part out. If not then you might want to reconnect with your battery operating devise,lol

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