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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Selling Sex

When the word SEX comes to mind many of us immediately relate it to Sin. It’s the forbidding act that commonly is used for exciting pleasure. Depending on who you talk to sex is the leading sin that will send you straight to hell on a scholarship (lol). My attitude is this, if we the fornicators are getting scholarships to hell make sure the over eaters in world should get their full ride too because gluttony is definitely on the sinful rise. Let's be honest if you aint coloring your eating cookies, cake, candy and any other bad comfort food to compensate for the lack of a freaky good time (lol). But who am I to say whose going where , I don’t have a heaven or a hell to but anyone in so I dare not judge. In my opinion I think of sex being more than just an sinful act. I think it’s a description of character. I mean think about it, when we find someone attractive we desire to get to know them emotionally and physically. Men (straight men at least) think vaginas are attractive and want to sleep with all the clean, fresh and tight ones. If the vagina happens to have a pretty face and a nice personality to go along with it well then that just means they want to color with that vagina on more than one occasion (lol). Regardless of how any of us want to look at it, we are all selling sex in one way or another. How we sell it is based one who we are and how package it. As a single woman on the market I realize that how I carry myself determines the type of men that take interest in me and the same goes for me as a singer.

In the world of music image is everything. If you don’t have an image, then you don’t have a fan base, if you don’t have a fan base well then please believe no one is buying your music. Since I’ve taken the route of singing pop music I’ve had to start really defining myself as a pop artist. I realize that there are plenty of talented cute girls in world that want to make it big, but the ones that make it are the ones that sell themselves in a unique way, which is why I have hooked up with the one and only Alex. Alex is an aggressive, confident gay black man who is all about making shit happen and he’s also my store manager. I asked him if he’d take me on as a client a few weeks ago and gave him some of my music to listen to before he made a commitment. I figured he be a good person to work with because gay people love pop music and well he’s really good at what he does. Samantha from “Sex and the City” said it best first the gays, then the girls (lol). Anyway, after he heard my music he was totally down with making me the next big thing on the music scene. He told me I was really talented and way too cute. But cute was the one thing that was holding me back. Apparently I can’t be cute I have to Hot, and not just hot but fucking HOT (which were his words) and the only way to be Fucking Hot was I have to sell sex.

When he first started talking about me selling sex I thought to myself, OMG!?!, what in world are my saved and sanctified parents going to think about me being the black Lady Gaga (lol). The more he talked the more I understood that I wouldn’t be the black Lady Gaga but he did have a vision for me. He told me I gotta walk it, talk it and look it. I couldn’t help myself I had to ask him, will all this sex stuff make me look like a prostitute. Of course he laughed and said absolutely not. Then he schooled me, he said sex is an attitude, it’s the way you carry yourself. He said in order to sell sex, I’ve got to be sexy. When I walk into a room my mire presence should command attention. My conversation should be so engaging that people are dying to hear what I have to say because they’re obsessed with my voice.

Considering that what I’ve been doing hasn’t worked I figure why not try something different, i.e. selling sex. I just want say that selling sex is no easy job. I am wearing 6 inch heels, long cat nails and extremely long hair. Now that everything is long and dramatic it is taking some getting use to. I hate texting on my phone because my nails get in the way, and wrapping my hair at night has become a chore like no other, but at the end of the day I really like the new sexy me (lol). The heels have really helped my posture if I do say so myself. Having to do this whole transformation I realized Alex was right. Sex isn’t just about the act but more about the attitude. To tell the truth I’ve always wanted to be a desirable woman with the attitude that I can have any man or thing I want. It feels good to be able express the sexier side of me through my music and performance and even in my daily life for that matter. I kinda feel like I am killing two birds with one stone. The more I develop as this sexy artist the more I will develop as a sexy lady, which will give me the ammunition I need to attract Calvin Johnson (lol).

As I stated before we are all selling sex in one form or another. There are those of us that sell it like we’re the Virgin Mary and then there are those of us that sell it like we’re Madonna. It doesn’t matter which way you sell it as long as you’re comfortable and confident.
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Simply Lola


Anonymous said...

Don't sell out for fame and wealth. If only women knew how low men think of the sort of women that you are aspiring to portray. Kim Kardashian is a perfect example of some who has gained much wealth and fame through sex. Yet she is somewhat of a social pariah, that will never be respected as a human being. You and every women are much more than sex and it is unfortunate that society has placed you in a position to where you feel that you must use your sexuality to have a sense of purpose and meaning.

Anonymous said...

Well, you're right about one thing... sex does sell, but is that your goal? Do you want to be known as a sex object OR an amazing artist who just so happens to be incredibly beautiful? Hmmm... think about that. When the audience is paying more attention to your boobs than your voice you may be missing the mark if you want to be known as a serious artist. Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with looking attractive. You should definitely do that, but image is more than looks (at least through my eyes). Image is about presenting the very best of WHO YOU ARE on the inside to the world. If you merely want to be looked at as a sex object then short skirts and boobs falling out of your clothes will definitely help you reach that goal. However, if you want to be respected as a serious artist then pay way more attention to your craft and character. This, in my opinion, will take you farther. There's nothing wrong with getting a little advice from a trusted friend, but don't compromise your values to fit someone else's definition of sexy. You can be sexy in heels or a comfy pair of converse. You can be sexy with a long weave or with a short natural. Sexy is something that should ooose from you naturally. You don't need to sell it!

Anonymous said...

How is it that you as a christian woman, not only you but majority of black christian women who are looking for mr right, get on team gay and allow gay men to dictate whats hot and whats sexy? Where they do that at? Since when did gays become the authority on that? And last time i checked being gay was something every holy book speaks against, but yet here you are willing to jump in the fire for the sake of selling records. U are better than that but that is not the attention you want. Jill Scot, adele,marsia ambrosia,etc dont sell sex they sell their beatiful voice. We all want success but just cause that world glitters doesnt mean its gold. Selling your soul is part of the industry and some choose to do it and some dont, dont allow others to dictate what sucess, sexy, beautiful is to you. You are already those tell the gay dude to get some booty and leave you alone he cant tell you want a real man wants or what a real man thinks is hot but if you want to to sell your soul you have just began, it starts with a gay guy telling you some bs, then all that attention you get will not be good attention. CMON SON you are better than that and dont let noone make you think different deal or no deal. God is testing you for his glory, what are you gonna do? WWJD

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... interesting, to say the least. I won't pass judgement I'll just say we look forward to seeing how this "sex sells" approach works for u. No doubt you'll keep us posted and entertained. U know u should have your own online reality show, right? Ever considered doing a video blog? After you write your blog you should record yourself reading it (like a monologue) on youtube to bring your story to life. And you definitely have to create your own little theme song. Then insert your YouTube link into your blog. You could call your YouTube show FINDING MY WAY. Each episode would be a different blog. Your readers would love it.