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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Am I Too Old For New York

Watching countless episodes of Sex and the City really prepared me for the busy hustle and bustle of The Big Apple. Carrie Bradshaw was right; people living in New York are in a hurry looking for three things.  They’re either looking for a job, an apartment, or if they’re a handrail sexual woman that just hit 30 with a ticking biological clock, then they’re looking for love. As for me, I have one out of three. I just landed a job at this really fancy hotel in Chelsea. I can't reveal the name because of its image, but I will say that I have never in ALL!!! my life came into contact with so many American Express black cards ...(Lord, Jesus keep me near the cross). My great friend Monica has so graciously loaned her very comfortable couch and closet space to me until I figure out the apartment system in this crazy city. So I guess technically I have two out of the three and that’s not that bad( it’s so crazy it seems as though every time I write a blog I’m either crashing on a friends couch or moving in an extra bed room, oh the story of a starving artist , lol). Anyway, I’ve started dating (more like talking) to a very fine young gentleman that I've known for a while. I don't want to say too much but I will say that I have a hot date scheduled with him the week of my birthday "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME". I really like him and he's crushing on me to, but we’re taking it slow. If all goes well with my new love, I just might have three out of three soon (dear God let’s hope so).

Living in New York is definitely different from living in the South. For one I am always mistaken for being anything but African American. I’ve been Dominican, West Indian  and  “Other” meaning anything but Black. Clearly it’s my 18 inch weave that throws the people of the city off (lol). At first it was frustrating to me but I've learn how to make it work in my favor....I'm whoever you want me to be when the drinks are on you, expect when it's time to go home... I am NOT that girl, I'm a southern lady (lol). In New York that’s not saying much at all considering manners is a lost form of art. The food here is just okay, they don’t season their food. Presentation is more important than flavor from what I can gather… well unless it’s a hot dog off the truck. People walk really walk fast here and its just best to get out of their way. I feel sorry for the tourist in Time Square because the natives aggressively push them out the way. I’ve learned very quickly to not even waste my time greeting people because they just give you this pissed off look like “why are you speaking to me” and I'm looking like "well never mind". It's safe to say I've had to do a lot of adjusting but for the most part I'm feeling like the move to New York was a good one. I finally feel like I am stabilizing myself.

I've been on a few auditions which have been a great learning experience for me. It's taught me that my head shots from 5 years ago must be burned and news ones must be made ASAP. Also the music I have recorded is a little dated so I got to get on the grind and record new music. Lastly I have got to do some major work on my monologs, making them as sharp as possible. Acting is reacting and my reacting is not giving me the reaction I need from casting agents. To say the least I've got a lot, I mean a lot of work to do. I'm not gonna lie I do question if I'm too old to start basically all over yet again. I look at people my age on facebook and twitter living the good life and I'm like damnit I hate them (lol) But then I use my hate as fuel to keep going, I’ll catch up with the high life folks sooner or later, I’m praying much sooner than later(lol). Even if I am too old to start all over yet again I'm an able body with passion and drive running through my bones. As long as I have that then I’ll keep going, well at least until I meet a man that will marry me and knock me up (lol). Then I can blame him and the kid for throwing me off course (lol).

And on that note, to my friend who is my age or older wondering if now is a good time to call it quits, I'm telling you DON’T. Colonel Sanders didn’t start frying chicken til he was 65. Now look at him… dead and rich, lol.  At least we’re not that old, which means there’s a possibility that we’ll get spend a little of our rewards while living (lol). If nothing else, just keep going until you find a man who will marry you and knock you up. Then you can stop and blame them for not seeing your dreams through (lol).

Til Next Time
Simply Lola


Anonymous said...

Cousin, you ain't gotta have money to have a Black card (lol). American Express offered me one, but I'm not about to pay $495.00 annual fee to carry the darn thing in my wallet!

Lola Simone said...

um yeah you do when the rooms here `start at 2,000 a night