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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Black Politics to Jewish Good Times

I’m staying with my friend Monica for a little while until I can get a place in the city. I’m sending out my resume to every temp agency and craigslist listing that I can find because in as much as I am dying to become the next big super star recording artist, in the mean time a sista has gotta eat. Anyway Monica has a friend who invited us to a Black Political Party event in Soho (which is like downtown New York). The event was mainly to promote Aids awareness and network with young black professionals. I was excited about attending the event but a little hesitate because although I’m black but my profession has nothing to do with politics ( well it does and it doesn’t, I mean there are politics in everything these days). I agreed to go because I’m still in tourist mode which means I want to go and do any and everything I can possibly do plus I still need a job ( you never know, maybe I run into someone who’s hiring up and coming super star recording artist).

We were late arriving to the networking event because of traffic. Of course I figure it wouldn’t be a big deal considering it was a Wednesday evening and  who really goes out on a Wednesday!?! Clearly I was wrong apparently Wednesday nights for New York locals is the night to go out, which means everybody is out. When I realized we were standing in very long line having to wait for people to leave because the venue was over its capacity, I quickly thought “Lola, we ain’t in Dallas anymore”. See in Dallas when a promoter says “Get there early” it’s lingo for “Please come to my party” but when a New York promoter says get there early that’s lingo for “if ya on time, ya to late”. Thankfully we didn’t have to stand in line too long because we were with a friend of Monica’s who had a friend who was being honored at the event. Anyway, the club was totally sheik, and polished, very sexy and just so New York. There were photographers and red carpet, and famous people, not super star famous but back in the day famous people. Like Salt&Peppa and Melissa Ford (which was a shock, but apparently she’s a up and coming socialite in New York, so I hear).

I attempted to move around the overwhelmingly over crowded venue. I mean it was so many people in this little bitty space it felt like Texas heat in mid day August ( Jesus keep me near the cross ). The way the men and women dressed and interacted with each other I kind a felt like I was in a new era of the Harlem Renaissance. Everywhere I turned I bumped into a corporate professional by day but a passionate poet by life or a lawyer by occupation but a strong community activist by passion. And then there was me an up and coming recording artist fitting right in. I was in awe of what I rarely saw in Dallas and very excited to be among the revival of the Harlem Renaissance. I enjoyed talking black politics but it was getting a bite boring. So we left and headed uptown to a roof top party where we in the company of the popular girls from the reality show Empire Girls (I don’t know much about them other than one of them was part of the group Cheetah Girls but is known as the ex-girlfriend of Rob Kardashian) and very cute Jewish gentlemen.

The roof top party was a lot of fun.  The Empire Girls however, very boring... it was a kind of pretentious, but that’s my opinion. There was some type of young professional Jewish networking event going which mixed in with the “Empire Girls” party and that is what made super fun. There were two really cute Jewish guys who entertained us with conversation and complimentary cosmopolitans. They talked to us about how the Jewish single girls were really trying to sale themselves to a wealthy Jewish guy. But the wealthy Jewish guys were only buy what they were selling for one night (it looks like Jewish single women are having the same struggle of black women), I guess some things are the same no matter what race you are (lol). In the midst of our Jewish good time I met Andrew. Andrew loved my Texan accent and asked if we could exchange numbers and go out for happy hour. I told him that I’m a huge fan of football but not as much as I am a huge fan of cheap drinks between the hours of 4&8pm (lol).  So you know what that means…yep I got me a date with a Jew. Jesus was Jew so I should be ok, then again let us pray.

New York for the most part is absolutely great. I am fitting in like I've been here all my life...well that’s until I open my mouth and talk, clearly I'm straight from the south. However I’m still unsure of my random move I’ve decided to stick with and work through it.

Until Next Time
Simply Lola

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