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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Agree to Disagree: A Disagreement with Danita

Everyone knows how much I love my sister. My sister and I are absolute best of friends... poller opposites but thick as thieves  My parents taught us at a very early age that we are ALL we got and it has stuck with us for a life time.  In as much as we are very close sometimes we don't see eye to eye. Its tragic but true that we just don't think alike, especially when it comes to MEN!!!.Now Danita is married  and I, sadly to say am not married. She's younger than me but she thinks knows every thang and yes since I want to be married it would be ideal to take her advice but in this case I just can't do it.   Which brings me to the situation at hand.

For the past 6 months I have been casually dating/ talking to this guy that lives in Dallas. At the beginning of us connecting we hit it off great. As time has gone on things have been very inconsistant with us talking and seeing each other. To make a long story short the last straw was when I went to Dallas for the Holiday and he didn't call or even come by and see me. Now he has said that he is interested in me and likes but his actions aren't adding up. To make a long story short when I opened up for Jon B at the BB King club/loung in New York Time Square I got a lot of great response from friends, family, and people that attended the show. Out of no where this guy sends me a message  via twitter wishing me well and later asking me how did the show go. I thanked him for the support and I let him know that the show went very well. He later said he was proud of me and he'd call me later cause he wanted details. I told him that I was grateful for his support and really appreciated him wishing me well with the show, but there was no need to call me. My exact words were: You didn't call me when I was in Dallas and you're inconsistant which leads me to believe you have a lack of interest in me, so  lets just stick to being social media friends. Of course there was no response and then out of no where he start sending messages saying Good Morning  and How is work, blah, blah , blah.

Since my sister is my best friend that doesn't judge me I  tell her this whole story and she tells me that I am NOT being fair because I refuse to respond. She starts going on and on how maybe he just wants to take it slow and I should really give him a chance. I couldn't believe it!!! Out of the 6months we've been on one date, and he had a brief kiss ( that was actually nice) but other than that it has not gone any where. He doesn't so much as Skype me and if you haven't notice but I am a very attractive woman. Then Danita goes on to say that I should enjoy the moment ...WHAT MOMENT!?!? moments of inconsistency!!! She started telling I'm to hard on guys and I just give him a chance. I couldn't believe it!! Danita is the author and finisher of " YOU TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO TREAT YOU and she wants me to compromise.  I am a woman in my early thirties  whose biological clock is running a race of its on. My eggs are diminishing as we speak. I don't have time to take things so slow that I become someones girl friend of 10 years, sorry I can live the life of VH1 Love and Hip Hop, no not me... Aint Nobody Got Time For That. I had a long day at work and I didn't have the energy to go back and forth with her so I have decided to agree to disagree on a subject.

This has been on my mind ALL night and now I'm reaching out to you all  cause I just need to know whose side are you on? Mine or Danita's? Am I really being unreasonable or is she just being too passive.
Really, what is the deal.

Til Next Time
Simply Lola

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