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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dallas, New York, and Now Atlanta

It has been three weeks since I’ve written you guys. With all the packing and moving I just haven’t had time, so I apologizes too all. This year I hope to do better. Anyway I’m in Atlanta and survived New York. So where do I start…I guess from the beginning.

It was my last night in Dallas, a few friends and I gathered at my favorite happy hour spot “Houlihan’s”. I got to see my good friend Crystal (who lives in Arizona) and her new man friend (not really sure of his status just yet(lol). My friend Angela found it in her heart to take off from one of her many jobs and enjoy a long island ice tea with me. Lauren traveled far and wide from Fort Worth Texas just to take a few last snap shots of us together ( say cheese LAUREN). My friend from my singles women group Robin join us as well despite the fact I never found her a white rich doctor on My newest friend Chinedue also hung out, along with my friends Karen, Kimesha, and Ryan (got to love Ryan(lol). It was just a few of us but the way we were talking across the table you would have thought there were about a hundred of us(lol). I didn’t cry as I said my goodbyes…I mean I’m not going to war or anything… just going back to Atlanta.

The next morning I headed off to New York for the New Year. This was my in transition trip. When I got to the airport I was told by the gate agent that my flight had been canceled. I had made up my mind that morning that I was leaving Dallas and damn it I meant it. So I lied telling the gate agent I was going to be part of a big show in New York and I really needed to get out soon ( I had tears and all). Being that I have braids and I look all of 19 the gate agent hustled me a way out of Dallas (lets go). With that being said I took a flight from Dallas to Charlotte NC, and landed in NYC. My friend Monica picked me up from the airport. We didn’t do much the first night; we just had dinner at Fridays. Monica is determined to lose weight that she doesn’t have so we registered her at a gym and she got herself a trainer the following morning. After preparing her for her New Year resolution we set off to a Jazz Club on Broadway St. It was open mic night, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t participate. Each singer had the opportunity to sing two songs, I however sang my two songs and the crowd loved me so much they requested an encore. So I gave them what they wanted ( I was amazing, I sang on BROADWAY lol). The next night we went Ashford and Simpson’s night club/ restaurant called Suga.This place was like the social black, gay and fabulous male hang out. I sat by one of Pattie Labelle’s dearest gay friend ( I’m not sure how well he knows Pattie Labelle but he did have a charm bracelet on with a picture of him and Pattie ). The best part of dinning at Suga was I got to sing and Valerie Simpson played keys while I sang. It was more fun than a girl can imagine. For the News Year Monica, Michelle (Monica’s sister) and I attended a loft party. It was pretty cool sense we showed up in a limo. For about 20 minutes we felt like rock stars. Nothing really extreme happened…oh wait yes something did happen…I got a little white girl wasted and said some really mean things and Jay Ratliff of the Dallas Cowboys on facebook ( relax I removed my post the next morning) Its crazy how repressed anger can come up in drunken moments. We continued our Happy New Year the next night at a club called “City 55” where I danced the night away, and took a power nap at the club and dance some more. Before I headed to Atlanta, Monica and Michelle joined in with me making (our very own) vision boards for 2011. I posted mine on facebook to inspire others (don’t judge me). I had a great time in New York even though everywhere we ate no one had ranch dressing….tragic just tragic

I ‘m back in Atlanta, where this whole blog thing started. I will be honest I’m nervous and very excited about what will happen in this New Year. All I can say is I am determine to make the most out of every day never wasting a minute of my time. I’m sure I’ve burned a few bridges along my way but the good thing about that is there is no turning back. Whatever is dead must stay dead. Today I start refresh and new. I promise I’ll keep you all posted on my road to success every week. I want to thank every friend that has ever believed in me. I thank my church family for always supporting, and I thank my family for accepting and loving me.

Til Next Time
Simply Lola

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