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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Friend Who Died Alone

Last Friday I went with my aunt to go check on one of her closest friends that had minor surgery a few weeks ago. When we got to my aunt's friend’s house we found her dead (tragedy). We called the ambulance and they quickly rushed her dead body to the hospital. We later were told that she died from a blood clot, and that she had been dead for 10 days (10 whole days, OMG, tragic just tragic). My aunt was devastated and I panicked. To hear that this woman had been dead for 10 days and no one knew, meant she lived and died alone. It freaked me out so much that I immediately agreed to go on a date with a guy that met at Kats Cafe, a place I sing at on Thursday nights. Against my better judgment of being the least bit attracted to him. Seeing the single middle age woman dead in her home all alone, I figure I needed to make the most of my options.

The date started with brunch after church on Sunday. The Omega man stood tall, brown skin, simple dresser that is easily annoyed by unintentional rude acts of others. He just recently divorced his wife of two years in September of last year (RED FLAG). The former college nose guard (who doesn’t really watch football, another RED FlAG) owns the apartment complex that he currently lives in. It’s only a four unit complex but I still thought it was kind of cool, I mean how many Black men you know own the complex they live in, not many (lol). Anyway, brunch turned into a nice walk in the park, then coffee at a local coffee shop, followed by a stroll around Lenox Mall, ending with dinner at a restaurant called “The Club House”. While walking around the mall I drifted off into this fancy jewelry store, Bvlgari. The sales lady noticed me admiring the beautiful flawless diamond rings and said to me “we’re about to close, but I want you to try on this ring we have out front on display. I told the lady I could barely afford gas let alone diamonds. She laughed at my funny yet very true statement and insisted I still take the ring out for a spin. As she slide the $700,000 5 carrot flawless diamond down my left ring finger, I gasped for air. I closed my eyes and pictured Shaun Phillips saying, Lola will you marry me and I’d say with excitement…Yes! Day dreaming about my magical moment I was quickly interrupted by simple date asking me if I was ready to go (and, I’m back to reality lol).

For the most part we talked about our different spiritual and political point of views, and our previous relationships. From what I could gather Mr. Omega misses the dog he and his ex wife shared more than he misses his ex wife. Over all I had a good time. Daylon would be proud I made a new friend. With very different points of views and the fact that he doesn’t really watch much football or wants to remarry anytime soon, I knew he wasn’t the one.

That night I opened my dresser drawer pulling out my pajamas, getting ready for bed and noticed my silver bullet. Right then and there, I realized the closest thing I had to satisfying my needs of affection required double A batteries (Lord, this Can Not be the rest of my life). Annoyed, I slammed the drawer. My body dripping wet from my shower, with a towel wrapped around me I threw myself backwards on to the bed, stirring at the ceiling. I thought about my aunt’s dead friend. In as much as I’d like to believe that if I got Jesus than that’s enough, it’s not. Jesus spirit resides in my heart, I want someone to reside in my bed, next to me every night for as long as we both shall live, until death do us part. Frustrated still stirring at the ceiling I panicked, thinking, what if I am the friend Monica, or Crystal finds dead all alone in a small creepy one bed room apartment, what if that’s me ( Oh Jesus, TAKE ME NOW!!!). Before I lost my mind, I peeled myself off my bed and finish getting ready for bed. In the darkness of my room I hear a car drive by. Having its head lights shed enough light through my window for me to see my vision board, I slowly gained peace of mind. Confident in what I was seeing, I closed my eyes and I whispered thank you God, I won’t die alone.

To my single friend that is worried about being the friend your friends will find dead alone in a creepy apartment. Please worry if you think all we need is each other. Let’s be honest, you don’t want me and I don’t want you. I encourage you to make the most out of your options. Eventually you and I both will kiss the right frog (preferably different frogs) that will turn into the perfectly imperfect prince we’ve always longed for.

Til Next Time
Simply Lola

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Anonymous said...

I was just talking about that with another person that my life seems so boring and that I have no one.....well after reading this opened my eyes and now I need to make myself available so that I can go out on dates and meet new people. Now just going to work and going home I know that I will never find someone.