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Monday, September 5, 2011

Birthday Coloring(lol)....

I had planned on going home for my birthday but the car I’m was driving got broken into last week and the thieves attempted to steal the entire car but only successful destroyed the ignition. With the little money I have I’ve got to save and get the car fix. Therefore my finances have denied my request (lol). So I’m stuck here in the A.T.L. shawty (lol). I told my grandmother about my tragedy and after I confirmed I was alright she said “ Lord have mercy, niggas will steal the crack out of ya ass if they could (ROLMAO)”. I can’t believe I am turning 31, I mean where did the time go and most importantly what did I do with all that time that has gone by. Well for the majority part of that time I spent with just me.

When Happy Birthday comes to mind I think of birthday cakes, birthday cards, and thanks to singer/ songwriter Jeremiah there is now birthday coloring. My birthday is next Tuesday (September 13th) and there will probably not be any cake or coloring … tragic but true (lol). The closer it gets to my birthday I get more and more home sick. As you get older birthday gifts are few far and in between but I do have a birthday wish. Since I can’t go home I would like birthday cards from friends and family. My reason for this request is because although I’m far away a card will make me feel a little closer to home. Plus these past few weeks have been rough and I just want to feel love on my special day. So if you would like to be part of my long distance birthday party, please send a card and join the party. The address for this big party is 1339 Cascade Falls, Atlanta GA 30311.

To my friends and family, those near and far I can’t wait to enjoy the funny emotional words from you all.
Til Next Time
Simply Lola


Magpie said...

Lola!! I love you and you know I will make sure you have a cake here in GA!! Don't you DARE say you're stuck here. God is making you stay because he knows I need you here.. HAHAHA!!! Things happen for a reason.. never question it, just challenge it!! YOU can do ANYTHING!! YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL!!

Magpie said...
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Lola said...

oh thank you Maggie :) I would never leave you...well unless Shaun Phillps asked me to marry him (lol)