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Friday, February 24, 2012

Church Shopping

I was talking to my grandmother a few weeks ago and she was telling me that she had been pray that the Lord would relieve her of using cus words. She said,she doesn't say a whole lot of cus words but she has noticed that she says shit, damn, and hell an awful lot and for the new year she don’t want say those words so much. Then she blamed my grandfather for leaving the television at night while they sleep say that those words are said on the t.v. and they get in her mind (lol). I attempted to control my laughter at our whole conversation as much as I could. So she wouldn’t think I was laughing at her I told her that I had been praying too, about knowing what God’s will is for my life. She was impressed and even proud of me. She asked me if I had been going to church? My response was when I’m off from work. Then she insisted that I find me a good church home so God could start speaking to me. I figure she might be right and so for the past few weeks I have been visiting church searching for a good fit for me.

The first church I attended was a church I use to go to in college Elizabeth. Back in college everyone went to this church because the pastor was single and very attractive. He’s no longer single and now everyone goes to there because New Birth (Eddie Longs church) is creepy…especially after they crowd him king. The choir was cool, the men pretty descent , and the sermon was ok. The pastor uses a whole lot of big words so I kinda felt like needed a dictionary to follow the sermon. It did however make sense why most of the congregation used Ipad and not the NIV bible…quicker search without getting lost (lol).

The next church I attend was St. Paul Episcopal Church. I volunteer once a week at a food pantry that is ran by St. Paul. Most of the volunteers are older retired women and after a few weeks of hanging out with them they invited me to join them for service. What I liked about the church service was that it was short, sweet and to the point. It’s a very traditional church so we did a whole lot of praying and sang a whole lot of hymns. I didn’t mind the hymns at first but then after about that third hymn they all started to sound the same. The choir was good but not what I was looking for. I need the church I go to ,to have a choir that’s loud and rockin…their choir was a little stiff for my taste. There were no cuties in the building just a lot of older men half sleep and politicians begging for votes (lol). They do however serve wine for the Lord Supper but they don’t serve enough of it for me to consider making it my church home.

The last church I visited was a church my hair stylist insisted I go to. He’s gay and his boy friend was leading his first and he wanted me to come and support. Shannon and his boyfriend are always supporting me when I have a show and so I figure it’s important that I return the favor and support him at church. Boulevard is the name of the church and its nondenominational and it’s also so very gay. I know… it was very shocking to me as well but who am I to judge. The men were very cute but clearly they were in no shape or form attracted to me. The choir was off the chain, I mean they were awesome. However I was very distracted by the battling of who could shout the longest and do the holy dance the best. The sermon was good but a little long and somewhat random. I’m glad I went as support for my hair stylist boyfriend but this clearly is not the church I can call home.

All the churches I attended so far have been great in one way or another I am still in search for a church to call home. I get home sick on Sundays because I miss my church back home so much. I find looking for a new church home is similar to looking for a man. You got out with a guy to see if you like him. He's cute but his breath is terrible, or he's not that cute but he's funny. Either way nither one of these guys are not what you're looking for and therefor it's on to the next. I know that there is no such thing as a perfect church just like there is no such thing as a perfect man. But I want to have an unexplainable connection and feel a level comfort with the church that I will call home, and feel the same way about the man I will marry.

To my friend who is shopping for something, you may not be able to describe it but you will know it when you see it or experience it. I encourage too keep looking and don’t give up hope. It may not be perfect it but it will be perfect for you.

Til Next Time
Simply Lola

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Anonymous said...

Hey LOLA. I believe its so true in that we do want a perfect church like we want a perfect person. Though it would be impossible for it to be actually 'perfect' but at least to have a sense of feeling perfectly content, comfortable, but also enjoyable and challenging. Challenging is important because for us to have a challenge, we are being called higher. Raising the bar for you, not out of intimidation but out of vision and sincerity to better your life as an individual. It sounds like you really enjoyed your old church. I'm currently going to a non-denominational christian church as well and i love it. We sing praises but not too much, and the preacher preaches from the scriptures of the Bible. Trust me, that's hard to find in some churches where all they do is talk opinions and vent. So I'm actually learning something here being fed spiritually and mentally. Not just attending some performance and then everyone leaves because the show is done. One more thing, Beautiful men and women multicultural and different ethnicity's. Black, Hispanic, Anglo, Asian ect. Any way, let me know if your interested.