Finding My Way To Love

Friday, October 4, 2013


I've been talking (more like text messaging)  3 guys for a couple of weeks and I'm so confuse on what the heck is going on. I mean none of them have picked up their phones and called me. To top it all off the text messages are so random that it totally annoys me. One of the guys my sister set me up with and in as much as I was totally against going out with him, I've found a way to have an open mind and see what he's about. But this fool is dragging his feet. We're suppose to go on a date and um yeah... I'm just not sure when that will take place. Its been three weeks! Seriously, I get it, if he's just not that into me that's fine, but don't waste my time.At my age I have a shortage of eggs and aging ovaries, Aint No Body Got Time Fa That,lol.

What sucks is I feel like I'm a pretty cool girl who doesn't ask for much. I mean a good happy hour or brunch is a great date to me. I am all for waiting to take me to Del Frisco's after you've confirmed with yourself that you are totally into me.  I do like talking on the phone, what I don't like is sending 20,000 text messages throughout the day, talking about absolutely nothing . I mean if a man calls me I'm not going ask him to pay my car note..Oh yeah I got me a car, a BMW at that and yes I'm feeling good about that(lol). But back to the lecture at hand. I just don't understand why I have to pull teeth to get the simple things in life. I mean seriously a conversation on the phone and setting a date for us to go out shouldn't take an act of congress. There are some days that I feel if lesbians were born with a penis I 'd cross over to the other side, lol. But since it really doesn't take 2 to work my toys I'll just keep playing on team Heterosexual.

Most single women want the same thing to be loved, adored and to be a priority. Its only in the thugged out rap songs that women want to be showered in Gucci, Louie, Prada.  I will admit in secret I am a label whore, but  its not the most important thing I want. I just want to have this chemistry that is undoubtedly real between me and him (who ever he is). I want the attraction to be equal , not I like him more than he likes me or he likes me and I'm just not interested. I want to just come home take off  my clothes, put on his old football jersey and watch TV next to him. I want him to just laugh at all the silly things I do. None of my request require a man to have to take out a second mortgage to make me happy!  So I ask why in the world does it take so much to get something so little? WHY DO MEN DRAG THEIR FEET?

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