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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Simply Lola: Enjoy the Journey

Every Sunday I sing at my fathers 7:30am church service. The praise team and choir consist me, my mother and our lead soloist, a little old lady Sis. Holloman. Every now and again my dad with chime in as a lead vocalist. Let just say with or without the holy spirit he is a much better preacher than singer. It never fails every Sunday about 6am I am thinking of a way not to go to church because nine times out of ten I have just gotten home from singing at a club or hanging with friends. I’ve only gotten maybe two to three hours of sleep maybe even less. For some reason with all the excuses that I come up with I force myself in the shower, brush my teeth, wash my face, comb my hair, put on makeup, and dress for church. I get to church there are the same five people sitting in their old faithful spots. Now because it’s the early morning service we don’t sing the new contemporary gospel songs we stick to the all old school songs. No lie my mother and I have remix Glory Glory Hallelujah ten different ways. Sis. Holloman sings her hymns for about twenty to thirty minutes and well that’s the music 7:30 service at my fathers church, just us faithful three. Needless to say I am most happy after every service. Its not were I want to be but it's in that moment of singing I'm most happy

Due to my tragic heart break and not sure how to mend the pieces of my heart back together my friend Kim suggested that come hangout with her on last Friday. She warned me that the place we were going was a mixed crowd and that her favorite band Professor D was playing so it may not be what I’m was use to. For the most part she was right. I’m use to parties with the want to be educated, almost educated, educated, and over educated black people that stand around the wall and judge each other while the DJ plays the newest hits. It was new for me to walk in a club and everyone is dancing and not dressed in clothes they are still paying off. Cape Buffalo was not a place that had a VIP section nor were there injured reserved athletes head lining to promote the club. It was just a spot with a six piece band playing the top forty’s and people dancing the night away. Dressed in shorts and casual long white shirt with my cowboy boots. I felt very comfortable and confident. I was approached by a young Spanish gentlemen (not Mexican) this guy was from Nicaragua. He began to speak to me in Spanish under the assumption I was Spanish. Now that I have long hair ( micro braids) and I’m light skin, and club being dark he was confused about my ethnicity. When he realized I was not Spanish he smiled and said “dance” meaning would I like to dance. I nodded in agreement and so we danced. He knew how to salsa and I knew the electric slide. We put the two together and created the electric salsa slide. It was great. He only knew two words in English and that was “you’re beautiful” I managed to teach him my name and so by the end of the night he knew three words “Lola you’re beautiful“. What can I say the young fellow has great taste. We danced for so long I completely forgot about my titanic heart break. When the night came to an end my Spanish crush pulled out his phone and as sweet as he was I knew the language we spoke well was with our feet and it would only limit us to one night. It felt good to be desired my someone even if we didn’t speak the same language. He wasn’t what I wanted long term but his company made me so happy for one night.

As a single singer finding my way in life,I've been rejected my lovers and lots of music power players, but its simple moments like singing at church and dancing the night away that keep me believing in who I am. I realize that reaching my destiny is important but not as important as enjoying the journey. What makes my destiny so beautiful are the moments and experiences I have upon arrival. Whether good or bad it makes living each day all the worth while.

Til Next Week

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Dornetta said...

Lola - You are a Blessing....In life we will have our share of storms of this you can count on. But just like the tree that stands by the river enduring the never falters and when the sun shines the brightest it still bears its fruit.... Just like you my sister, in the midst of your pain keep going, in the face of rejection keep singing and when you feel the worst put a smile on your face like an umbrella(:.... I believe in you and so does God so keep on rising!!!!

Your BEST days are yet to come!!!!