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Monday, March 8, 2010

Simply Lola: Meeting Height Requirements

Meeting Height Requirements

It was Super Bowl Mondays at Geshia House in Dallas Texas. I saw him in the distance. It was love at first sight. We sat next to each other and without words; I knew he was the one. We shared a passionate moment dancing to the song Wasted by Gucci Man. We committed our love for each other when I ate the last piece of lobster off his seafood platter. When it was time to ride off into the night all 7 feet of him stood up. As I stood next to him I knew it was over, what was the best 45 minutes of my life came to an end. He wanted too have his very own Lebron James and my 5”4 height just could not promise him that.After carefully examining my height there was no doubt that just I didn't meet the height requirements (tragic just tragic)

My friend Jocelyn is always preaching to me about being open-minded when it comes to dating. Of course, this is coming from a woman that has been in a serious relationship since college. It’s always the married or the ones that have been in a relationship forever in a day that have advice for the ones who are without a significant other. After being preached to about my requirements from Jocelyn I decided to have an open mind. Last week I met my sister at Chili’s for dinner the waiter asked me if I had a man. My sister answered for me and said no. As we were leaving our waiter Lenny, wrote his number on a piece of paper and asked me to give him a call. Despite the fact he had a gap between his teeth wide enough to kick a field goal, or that he was 5”2, with a bad hair cut, I gave him a call. I left a message saying thank you for his compliments and interest in me. About 12 midnight I received a text message that said: Who da fuck is dis and how u no Lenny? (Yes this is how the text read). Now I am going to go off on a limb here and say that Lenny is married or has a girlfriend with poor grammar and does not know how to use spell check, but neither do I. Lost for words but not shocked I decided not to respond to the text message. Never the less I decided to keep my open mind and give my friend Crystal the ok to give her boyfriend’s friend Dawnotocho my number (yes his name is pronounced the way it is spelled). After a quick conversation with Crystal about Dawnotocho I have found out that he has just come out of a four year relationship with a woman that he holds a great deal of bitterness towards ( how romantic is that...such a lucky girl I am...boy oh boy)

Dating has some similarities to creating music. As a singer/ song writer I write songs based on the rhythm and music I hear in my head. I go into a studio and tell the produce how I want the music to sound for the song I’ve written. The producer after a few times of trying to create the sound that I hear in my head gives me an excuse or reason why what I hear can not be musically formulated, and at this point the prodcuer is asking me to have an open mind. I agree to an open mind only to receive musical crap. (with the exception of Jacovie…lol)

As I reflect on my success of having an open mind, I have drawn the conclusion that having an open mind is bullshit. I write songs and I visualize exactly how I want them to sound and how I want to sing them. Just like my man I visualize exactly how I want him to be, look and make me feel. If I see him for myself, and I believe him for myself, at the right time I will receive him for myself.

My 7-foot tall lover requires a woman at least 5”7 no exceptions. As a woman standing 5”4 I have some requirements of my own. My requirements are that not only is he good at sacking the quarter back but just by the mere look in my eyes he’s dying to get to know as much as he can about me and he will go out of his way to do so. My man is a man not a secret hiding coward, he loves me with all his heart and is so bless to with me, a beautiful, giving, loving, and loyal lady in the streets and a ...yall know (I’ll spare my momma’s life today…lol) . This one man knows that I am the one woman for him. I say goodbye to having an open mind and hello to keeping my height requirements.

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