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Monday, March 1, 2010

Simply Lola: My Wish List

Living in Atlanta I would hear a saying that would go something like this. Rappers want to be athletes and athletes want to be rappers. It was the popular visibility that the athletes sought after and it was the financial wealth that rappers wanted oh so bad. In some ways depending on what athlete or rapper, you asked this was true. I remember there being a grand opening for a night club in Atlanta and the unveiling of Ludacris new liquor (Conjure Cogac) my friend Jennifer was putting the VIP list together. She called me and asked about Julius Peppers and Jammal Brown. She wanted to know who they were before she approved their VIP access. I was totally shocked that she had no clue who they were I told her in these words ( dude are you serious their pro bowlers), Jammal Brown is a lineman for the Saints and Julius Peppers plays defense for North Carolina). I could not understand how she could not know this! (I mean doesn’t everyone watch America’s sport) Then it hit me in Atlanta the poor Atlanta Falcons and Hawks get no love but the broke one hit wonder rappers are VIP and always treated like stars.

When I think about my life I can't help but to think of my wants. We all have wants. It is always “the wants” that will make our lives so much or easier, worth living and complete. When things seem to be crazy and not making sense, the first thing that comes to my mind is my wish list. In my mind, I always start thinking about the “If I Only Had” more like a wish list: It always starts with “I wish”
1. the president of Warner Brother Records would find me, love the way I sound and sign me to a 3 album deal.
2. I had $100,000,000
3. I had a car ( Range Rover mid night blue w/black interior)
4. I had my own place (condo down town over looking the city skyline)
5. 20 pounds lighter( just want to wear a two piece once in my life)
6. Tommie Harris knocked on my door and asked me for my had in marriage (God I love that man),
7. I had more clothes ( unlimited amount of dresses from Betsy Johnson)
8. I had more shoes (Oh how I love Jimmy Choo, Christian Louie V.)
9. I had some love and affection ( oh a simple kiss from Tommie…lol)
10. I had something in common with my family…lol (maybe I wouldn’t’ feel weird sitting at holiday dinners, like on sesame street one of these people don’t belong…lol )

My list can go on and on, the same as anyone with a wish list. This is just the top ten, the mandatory items…lol. Some days I wake up like "Oh Lord why oh why haven't you answered my prayers...what is the hold up. I look at other people that appear to have it going on and think DAMNIT! really why do they get their wish list...its unfair, where is the Then it hits me Haiti was destroyed by an earth quake, a man killed himself and one other person to prove a point to the government, a bishop in Dallas just married his fourth wife in December and preached his last sermon Thursday. By Friday morning he past away. Hawaii and Chili just experienced natural disasters. The fact that a few years back my car flipped over four times on a busy freeway during 4pm traffic and I walked away without a scratch or a bourse. Within a blink of an eye what I know has my common life can change. What I know as not being enough can become memories I wished I had back.

A wish list gives us something to look forward to in our future. Never apologize for what you want or wish for, but do not allow them to distract you from all you have on today. As you sit back, read these words, smile, and give thanks for who you are and what you have today. The true beauty of Today is that is a new day. Embrace all that today has to offer and love every minute of it, because tomorrow will never look like today.

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correywilson said...

really? i never knew you felt like we didnt have anything in common, interesting.........
but anyway so true are those words, you should be thankful for the things that you have and as well the things you dont have in your life.