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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Simply Lola: Loosing Sight

Meryl Streep was nominated for best actress at this year’s Oscars for her potrayal as Julia Childs in the movie Julia &Julia. This movie is about a woman who moves to France with her husband and finds a passion for French cooking. Her passion for French cooking later transforms into a book, television show, movie and now a legend. Her legacy travels decades later into the life of a young woman living in Queens New, York in search of self-fulfillment. The younger Julia finds joy in cooking for her and husband. Identifying the flaw of starting things and not completing them, she decides for one year to cook every recipe in the legendary Julia Childs French cookbook and write a blog about her cooking experience. The young Julia starts her newfound venture off with excitement and anticipation not knowing what to expect. Throughout the movie the young Queens cook/writer develops a since of obsession with the American French cook. The simple obsession turns into emotional meltdowns and frustrating fights with her husband, allowing her to lose sight of her end goal of completing what she started. As the year ends, she begins to regain sight with confidence, and encouraging words from friends, family and a few fans she picked up along the way. She realizes she enjoys cooking and writing and that was enough to complete her yearlong task.

I watched this movie after church on Sunday and begin to think about my life. I realized that I am in the same position I was in last year before I went off to Atlanta. I was an out of work singer working for Kim Kares and volunteering for the Safety Net foundation. In my frustration, I packed my bags and headed of to the ATL in search of self-fulfillment. Only I left Dallas without completing the tasks at hand. I left not completing my commitment to Kim Kares; I walked out on a play, kept the chapter of the titan open and chuncked the duce at the foundation. I was so focused on my how much I hated Dallas, the titan, and my life I figured moving away would give me a new since of self being self worth and to top it all off I would blog about it. I get to Atlanta only to find myself digging a bigger whole and having to come right back where I stared a year ago. On my travel back to Dallas, I begin to beat myself up and become embarrass. I questioned myself wondering what I could possibly write about now. I mean there’s nothing exciting in Dallas, no more great parties with fabulous bandwagon want to black stars or trendy dates with men who may or may not be gay. My search for the two L’s (record label and love) in the A was over. I felt like a failure, having emotional meltdowns and frustrating fights with God and myself thinking what the hell am I doing. I began to lose sight of my passion and my dream. Little by little, I regained my sight back with confidence, and encouraging words from friends, family, and a few fans I’ve pickup along the way. I love to sing, I love to write and whatever will come of this so be it. Until then my sight is clear on what is set in my heart.

Life can be frustrating in its daily routine. We often question our destiny and purpose wondering where to start. When we find our beginning, we anticipate what the end will bring. In the middle we lose sight due to struggles, hiccups, hang ups and disappointments asking the question “Is it really worth it”, having us want to give up and quite. Just before we go completely blind, we regain sight with faith, courage, strength, and love from friends, family, and a few fans we’ve pickup along the way.

This week regain your sight with simple gifts from God, faith, friends, family and a few fans you’ve picked up along the way. I promise your vision will become as clear as the sky on a sunny day *wink*

*Simply Lola*

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