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Friday, April 9, 2010

"Walk Alone"

The new PJ Morton album was released April 6. The title of his new masterpiece is “Walk Alone”. PJ Morton is an artist that just can’t be placed into a box. He’s a singer, songwriter, and producer. The beautiful thing about his artistry are his lyrics. They are very simple yet very poetic. He is the only male R&B/Neo Soul artist I know that actually writes love songs real love song (Stevie Wonder love songs)without any type, of sexual content. He can make a woman feel so sexy in the most beautiful way. It’s the simplicity of his words and the richness of his delivery that makes his music timeless like a vintage Chanel clutch purse (circuit1954). Many know him as the son of Bishop Paul Morton, and the award-winning writer of “Let of Let God”, but he is so much more. He is a painter of words, giving them new definitions. To read the words “Walk Alone” it is easy to imagine colors of deep darkness, sorrow, and sadness. Oh but Mr. Morton paints pictures using strength, love, compassion, faith, relief and comfort as a visual showing that a “Walk Alone” can be an adventure of a lifetime.

Wednesday the Mavericks proclaimed their victory over the Memphis Grizzles. After the game, I went with friends to celebrate the big win at The Candle Room. My giant friend kept the short jokes coming. He said every short joke he could think of to me, from (how is the weather down there), to “Lola I feel so sorry for you, let me pick you up and show how it feels to be average height”.(just curious, but when has being seven feet tall ever been average height for anyone). When I was place back on common ground (the floor) I looked up at him and said damn, it must be lonely at the top( tragedy) both just laughed at each other. I began to grow a little restless in our assigned V.I.P section and decided to walk around the and check out the unfamiliar place. I “Walked Alone”. After looking around , I realized I was the only black girl in the building. There were quite a few black men and some half-breeds (you know half black and half something else, lol) but I was the only full breed Negro girl (tragedy) The majority of women in the club were white, and every other culture (meaning their hair aint Now the average black woman would have been upset and start protesting the lost of our black men, but not me. I decided to see just what all the hype was about with white woman and black men. I noticed that white women know how to kick it, and they know how to kick it hard. Becky is not concerned with how drunk the other Becky is. The truth be told Becky, Becky, and all the other Beckies are all white girl wasted so it doesn’t matter. Dancing well let just say they get a cardio workout and all partners male or female are welcomed to the dance floor. I mean no rhythm with no cares makes for a damn good time. As I watched the Beckies danced and drink more then their body weight I thought to myself, wow these girls really know how to have a good time. It was as if they had no worries and no problems for the night, that is. I was in aww at their faces of excitement and pure enjoyment. As I headed back to the V.I.P section my two friends were in a security guard took me by the hand and I said:” I just couldn’t let someone as beautiful as you walk alone without the proper escort”. I thought myself: I never get this type of service at the black clubs (lol) I blushed, and said thank you. I spent the rest of my night enjoying being the only black girl getting white girl wasted and dancing with rhythm but no worries, and no problems, well at least for one night.

I walk to the bus stop every morning alone. As I sit alone on the bus and observe interesting stories of peoples lives unread, unheard, and over looked. My bus ride to the foundation is too short to get familiar with every book sitting around me. In a sigh of comfort, I realize that my walk alone isn’t lonely.

Walking alone gives you room to see what you’re missing. Walking alone gives you room to be free enough to enjoy things and people you never thought you would encounter. Finally, to walk alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely, but you’ve made room for a life time of experience and adventure and just when you begin to enjoy yourself, you be properly escorted to your destiny.

This weekend download “Walk Alone”@ by PJ Morton and enjoy a walk alone

Simply Lola

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