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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Simply Lola: A little Girl Growing Up Or Growing Up To Fast

As a child I had to wear the clothes my momma bought me. Most of the time she put me in what she thought looked best for a little girl my age. I can remember the worst Easter I ever had was because she bought me a dress that made me look like an ornament for christmas tree( it was spring why was I looking like a winter ask my mother: Why wont you let me wear the pretty blue dress, she looked at me and said you are 10 not 15 and you will look and dress like a 10 year old,as usual she won the war on what I would wear.(aww memories)

Willow the daughter of Will and Jada Smith was spotted at her big brothers premier movie (Karate Kid). She was sporting the very popular look for young adults (picture is to left). I think she looks absolutely cute, if she were a young adult but shes 10.I am all for freedom of expression but @ 10 I think it should be done in a way that we still know that your child is 10 going on 11 not 10 going on 20. I mean kids will be kids but parents have to give them a pace to grow up and not grow up to fast…just my thoughts I could be wrong. So tell me your thoughts on Miss Willow's.

Is she a little girl growing up, or a little girl growing up to fast?

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