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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Death Of The Black Man

Last week I had an interview with a representative from Slip & Slide Records. Slip & Slide Records is based in Florida and is the home to popular artist like Rick Ross, Plies, Trina, and now Jagged Edge. The position I was interviewing for was an administrative assistant position. I was very excited and confident about the interview. I had been an intern for Def Jam/ Disturbing Da Peace while in college so my experience and references were solid for the job. The morning of my interview I woke up at 5am to get in a good workout, since I had to be there at 9am. I arrived 30 minutes early just in case there were any forms to fill out or prescreening I’d have to do prior to my interview. I knocked on the door and was greeted by a man (more like a boy) standing at 5’2, weighting 100 pounds in his coca cola pajamas (WTH). His first words to me were; damn I thought you were my probation officer. My response was: Um no, my name is Lola I am here for the 9am interview. He said, oh yeah, why da fuck you here so early. I thought to myself, gee I don’t know, isn’t that what most people do when they want the job, they get to the interview early (this is not looking good) He invited me in and told me to excuse himself because he had to detox from weed before he met with his probation officer and that he had only had an hour of sleep cause he be out here in dees streets (OMG, he can’t be serious, but he was). Confused about what I had just walk myself into I took a seat and asked him if he needed an extra copy of my resume and he said no because basically this job was all about how he vibes with a bitch (I’m assuming I was the bitch in which he was trying to vibe with…help me Jesus). Against his better judgment he started to look at my resume and said; you worked wit (not with) a nigga that play ball. I kept quiet, and just nodded my head, because if I had opened my mouth I’m sure a huge laugh would have came out along with who gave you a job you stupid stupid boy (lol). He went on to explain how bitches at the club don’t fuck with athletes because dem niggas is corny. I was so shocked by his statement that I asked him if he were serious, and if he could watch his language. Apparently he was serious and lost for words, because he said I wasn’t a good fit for the job because I was on some ole corporate shit and Slip& Slide Records only deal with real mutha fuckas that’s about business and gon hustle in dees streets and make shit happen. He went on to say that he works in “Black Hollywood”, and sometimes that means making sure artist is straight, no bull shit (I promise these were this idiots exact words he said to me)I was so lost throughout the whole interview process. Who knew I would need my sister to translate hood vocabulary (lol) in order to be successful in an interview, for a job I have experience in. Never the less I totally agreed with him that I was not the bitch (as he put it) for the job and left.

I was furious when I left the interview. I had been up since 5am only to be greeted by foolishness. What’s worse is this boy (Aaron Lucas) feels like he was not out of line in any way. I'm sure that he thinks the way he conducted himself with me that morning was how all black people conduct themselves in professional settings, well unless you’re an athlete, and then you’re corny (lol).

I went to Star Bucks and ordered a cup of coffee. As I sat at Star Bucks, drinking my cup of coffee I couldn’t believe what I experienced, I mean America has a Black president and then we have Aaron Lucas the CEO of ignorance (tragic just tragic). Still upset I went home and wrote a letter to Ted Lucas (not sure if they’re related) CEO and founder of Slip &Slide Records and expressed how his employee’s behavior was rude, disrespectful and unprofessional. I knew my letter wasn’t going to change much but I was pissed and had to do something, I wasted my entire morning. Shockingly, someone from Ted Lucas office read the letter and must have comforted Mr. Aaron Lucas about his behavior, because the next thing I know I started to receive text messages from Aaron calling me a bitch ass hoe, who needed to go find God and mutha fuckin pray (lol), followed by some girl calling saying she was going to beat my ass (all of this was coming from a man on probation, lol). At this point all I could do is laugh and go find God and pray without using profanity (lol). FYI if I come up missing because Aaron has figured out how to conjugate verbs, form complete sentences and successful read my blog, please know that he and his ghetto girl friend have found me and have killed me (lol).

Later that week my god brother was in town for a basketball tournament. I went to his game and watched the teams get ready to play. Mostly all the boys on the teams were black. There was a white boy here and there, but for the most part all Black boys, with big dreams of being an NBA star. As I watched the teams play against each other I noticed the majority of these boys had tattoos. Not just one tattoo, but several tattoos. Tattoos in places that tattoos shouldn’t be and most of these kids weren’t even old enough to drive. Tattoos down the backs and across their necks, tragedy. Who’s paying for this mess?!?! I mean tattoos run about $30 or $40 and those are the small ones. Only a few of those boys will have a chance at the NBA, and the rest will become Aaron Lucas, angry, an addict, and very very lost if we as a culture don’t do something soon and fast.

Our generation of men to come is in trouble. I’m not saying it’s entertainments, or teachers or parents fault. What I am saying is, Houston we have a problem and we’ve got to fix it. To my friend that empathies with what I’ve written, find a way to stop the death of the Black Man and Woman. It doesn’t take much, volunteer at a school or your local church. Our children need to see our positive faces.
Til Next Time
Simply Lola


Chaz said...

Excellent post! I'm sorry to hear that you had to deal with that poor excuse of a man. Unfortunately, there are several women that will run into an "Aaron." Just know that there are Black men out there that are insistent upon reestablishing the reputation of the honorable Black man. I refuse to be grouped together with the "Aarons." Take care.

Anonymous said...

I had a terrible (personal/professional) experience with him as well....I was looking him up to explain what happened to my best friend and found your and I actually have a lot we could talk about (uplifting! This may very well have been fate)....please contact me so I may write you privately ...

Unknown said...

Totally false. This proves the stereotype of an angry black woman. Black woman do more stuff like this to bring down black men its crazy. How does this one sided account of a gossip blog help?