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Sunday, May 1, 2011

One Time Wear Man

I’ve been missing in action because I’ve been pretty busy. I have decided to put out my own album so I’ve hooked up with a few producers and now I am writing and recording my own music (so, excited). With making the commitment to putting out my own music I been looking for another part time job to cover the cost of mixing and mastering. In the midst of me recording and job hunting I went on a 30 day Daniel Fast with my church and I must say each day felt like more of a crucifixion rather than a sacrifice. I gave up everything I substitute coloring with, coke, coffee, cocktails and carbohydrates, basically anything with sinful fatty calories (lol). For thirty days I was a hungry, horny woman with Jesus in my heart (lol). Never the less I survived the sacrificial crucifixion. I was proud that I didn’t have any crack head relapses, having self control and not yielding to temptation. When I would see a big plate of tasty food I would close my eyes, in hale the yummy smells and say, Dear God, is this really worth it!?!?! I guess it was, I landed a gig (job) with Barney’s New York, the coop store.

Feeling really proud of my accomplishments, a new job and a new beginning I set out to celebrate watching the Hawks play the Magic and the Hornets play the Lakers at Straits, a popular restaurant in Atlanta. The restaurant is owned by super star rapper Ludacris. Tuesday nights are its most popular night, well it’s the night where local celebrities and off season athletes come to kick it. As usual I went alone. The place was packed but I manage to find an empty seat at the bar. Excited to be in the company of sinful substitutes and flattered that the gentleman sitting next to me offered to buy me drink, I happily ordered a cosmopolitan. Attempting to engage in small talk about the basketball playoff games, I quickly let him know that I only watch basketball because it gives me something to talk about with my dad, but I am much more of a football fan. Glad to hear my choice of sport he told me his occupation. He is an offensive tackle for the Buffalo Bills. His youthful personality had me question his age, sure enough he was a rookie …23 years old (great, just what I need, a baby for a boyfriend…(lol). He asked for my number. Despite the huge age difference between us I went against my better judgment and gave it to him anyway. Later that night he text me asking for me to send him a picture of me, my response was No. I could already tell this wasn’t going to be a match made in heaven. We didn’t speak the same language. He speaks text message and I speak verbal communication. We continued to talk his language throughout the week and later agreeing to hookup over the weekend.

After band rehearsal on Saturday I set out to hang out with my young rookie. Our eventful date consist of him shopping. I watched him purchase a Gucci watch complimented by black diamond earrings. As he showered himself with fancy gifts I thought about how the art of dating is a dying concept. I wanted to have dinner at a nice restaurant and walk around the city talking engaging in conversation just enjoying each others company. Not watching him splurge on himself during a recession (I know I’m sounding a bit envious, the truth is I was (lol). After he had enough of spoiling himself we headed back to his place and took a nap. There was a big party later that night but I encourage him to enjoy the nightlife without me and I headed home.

On my drive home from a long day with the young rick rookie, I thought about dating and how it is so similar to shopping. For the most part when I go to the mall I am in search for something. Most of the time I can't decribe what I'm looking for. All I know is I want something that will look great on me, complementing my skin tone, and that is flattering to my body features. I want to walk out with something that makes me feel sexy and confident as if it were made just for me. When I can't find what I want I purchase something, not what I really want but will do for the moment.I'll eventually wear it one time,only having it hang in the closet to be never worn again.

My young rich rookie was a one time wear. Leaving me to continue to shop for my hearts desire. Eventually I will stumble up on the one man that will make me feel sexy, beautiful and well loved. He will fit just right complimenting my personality, and having the same interest as I do.

To my friend that is still shopping for love. Dating can be exhausting but please know men that are like one time wear dresses keep us hopeful for long time saticfaction.

Till Next time
Simply Lola


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