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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shitty Days Get Better

There is a difference between bad days and just down right shitty days. Bad days are usually a day where you receive tragic news like your favorite aunt passed away from old age. It's just one piece of news that you get out of no were on a normal day. A shitty day however, is a day where you are late for work because you over slept, your car is on empty but you only have $10 to your name, gas is $4 a gallon and you don't get paid for another two weeks. Finally you get to work and your boss is mad because the day you needed to be on time you're late. And for that you get a verbal and written warning for your tardiness.Then your boss realizes that you are on your third strike and so you get fired. Only to get home and hear that your favorite aunt died from old age. So now you have very little to no gas, no money, no job and no more favorite aunt. Shitty, as you can see are days were everything falls apart on after another. Today I am having a shitty day for.

I woke up this morning running late to work. Only to get to work and find a collection of silly mistakes in my work area. I am a college graduate that is struggling to do something as simple as ship off packages to its correct address, and carelessly leaving my register open over night ( thankfully no money is in the drawer). Not only that but the Titan is in town and I want to see him but if I do see him what will friends will declare me as the dumb girl that keeps falling for a love that is not attainable, if I don't see him I will wish I saw him. On top of that I still have got to find a place to stay and time is running out. Last but not least I reviewed my back account and my cell phone provider charged me twice leaving me in the negative balance and I ask you what did i do to deserve this?!?!?. This my friend is a very shitty day.

It's days like these that a single woman wishes even more that she had a man ( a least I do) With everything going wrong I'd give anything to hear him ( whoever he is) say ...Aww baby it's ok and then make me laugh for a few seconds, taking me to dinner late. Instead I have to resort to going in the bathroom to cry like a baby on my fifteen minute break, and beg God to have a little mercy, because drinking on the job is automatic termination (lol). After begging and pleading with God to please just help me get through the day I take a deep breath and continue to survive the day. I go back to my work area review my mistakes make the corrections and move forward hoping I have a job on Monday (lol). Then I call my bank and cell phone provider and let them know what has happen so they can make the necessary correction ( give me my money back!). As for a place to stay I have faith I will find one, and as far as the Titan, well I just don't know yet. I can only trust I do whats best for me.

After a few tears and simple pray I don't feel 100% better but I realize that I'm not dying even though I felt like it, shit happens. To my friend who feels like life has pooped all over you, trust me I know that feeling. Most mistakes can be corrected and the ones that can't you live, learn and just move on. Shitty days happen but they do get better.

Til Next Time
Simply Lola

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