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Friday, May 20, 2011

While I Wait

The big news this past week was Kim Kardashian is getting married to a basketball player that is only famous because he has committed to only coloring with a woman who has made a name for herself by coloring with many. Can you believe it a woman who is known for coloring with all shades of men is saying "I Do" to um...what is his something Humpfry or Murffy. Not only that but video vixen Amber Rose is telling all her fornication confessions and how she is more than Fuckable to Vibe Magazine this month. Who would have thought!?!?!, both women are famous for becoming sex goddess through leaking private porn of their own and dating super stars that the simple girl like me only dream about while pleasing ourselves. Some may say I'm hating, and you're absolutely right. I hate that I have been carefully counting my coloring painters and these two have been coloring with countless men (sorry, emotional venting,lol). Have you any idea how many men I've turn down all for the sake of my reputation...LOTS. I may not have a big butt or a banging body but I got damn good skin, and a beautiful smile (lol). Of course these men I'vee said no to weren't super star either, they were more like super freaks,but that's not the point, I still said no...well sometimes (lol). These women waste no time jumping from one man to another, while I am just waiting for one...just one. I'm sure these ladies are great women with a brain to match their exotic booty's and bodies, but it just suck for a lady like me who's waiting for love to find out that you don't have to be a lady at all to get love (lol)

Like many of us single ladies, I've wasted time trying to complete with the Kim Kardashians, and Amber Roses of the world and totally dismissing other things in my life like my music.Oh sure these are the women men say they love to look at but don't want but the truth is if the opportunity presented itself they'd be all over any video vixen, playboy bunny that gave them the time of day(lol,but that's neither here nor there. I may not have an ass like Kim Kardashian or killer body like Amber Rose but what I have that they don't have is raw talent. I can sang like it aint nothing honey. And with my basic booty and average body I can sing so good it will have any man moving to a rhythm that makes him want to color me beautiful.

I've always wanted to record my very own album but of course I've been waiting for a label to sign me. Times have changed and now a days I don't need a label to record an album, all I need is me, my music and a really good producer. I have all of these things, so as I wait for him (again, who ever he I am recording my very own album, having my first song to be put on itunes at the end of this week...I'm so excited.

There's a quote on my vision board that says "I started winning when I stopped whinnying". It's a waste of time to dwell on things, be it a man, child, or new job, that we don't have. Waiting is a time to maximize life with what you do have. Waiting is not a time to wait for life to happen but its a time to create and explore every way possibility we may have. To my friend who is ready and waiting for love to come, for him to love you.You and I both know we are loving creatures and as we wait for him we will love what we have and maximize our time by using our talents and gifts to creat life.

Til Next Time
Simply Lola

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Terrance said...

Color me beautiful lol!