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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Draft

The 2011 NFL Draft is coming up soon and as a Dallas Cowboy fan I am crossing my fingers, saying my “Hail Mary's” and attending church every Sunday laying at the alter praying that the Dear Lord have a little mercy on America's Team. Being that the Dallas Cowboys are ninth in the draft pick I am concerned that we wont get what we need, like a good cornerback backup, and few hungry defensive players. I know I'm just a fan that barely can afford noise bleed seats at the new Cowboy Stadium, but never the less there are miracles and blessings for me (more like for the Dallas Cowboys), and it doesn't hurt to make a request.

Terrance Newman and Mick Jenkins are good corner backs. As a matter of fact Terrance Newman had a pretty decent year. Their game performances however, reminded me of the guy a girl dates that's is sweet, nice, loving,loyal, and looks good on paper. He's the guy that gets away with simple four play, but rarely seems to perform boldly while coloring. Every now and again a woman needs deep strong stokes from her painters paint brush (if you know what I mean). At some point and time Newman and Jenkins should make the crowd jump and scream because of they're bold performance on the field and not silent cries from the lack of performance. I really like Newman and Jenkins ( Newman more than Jenkins of course, he's a cutie). I have faith that they will make a bold statement on the field in this up and coming season (if there is a season to come, this is :/) , but just in case they trick off the off season doing absolutely nothing the Cowboys should draft a starving college cornerback (I'm just sayin).

Defense is so important when it comes to playing football. The saying hasn't changed “Offense sell tickets, and Defense win championships. The Dallas Cowboys offense got enough cuties (minus Tony comment) that run and pass the ball so fast it make a fat girl join weight watchers, losing enough weight with hopes of one day hooking up with Mile Austin, but the defense makes me wonder. I hate to say this but Keith Brooking is old. I mean he's got heart but at some point he's got to let it go. He's like the confident old man that still goes to the club in the polyester suit, using pickup lines that didn't work back in the day and doing old school dances like the hustle (tragic just tragic). He is playing like the electric slide is the dance to do in 2011, and its not, not unless you're at an African American wedding,and even then it can be a bit much. All I have to say is...Defense!, Defense!,Defense!

I know I am just a simple singer with high demands but at the end of the day its going to take more than a few good players added to the roster to make a great team. It takes more than physical strength and talent to become champions of the world. More than anything, the Dallas Cowboys have got to draft power, passion and purpose. America's team needs a sense of powerful drive and passionate spirit of oneness within their individual hearts and minds in order fulfill their purpose and land back at the top. Despite what number we are in the draft, the number one draft pick has got to be a LOVE. Love for the for oneself, love for their teammates, and love for the game.

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