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Monday, February 21, 2011

It's My Time

The Indiana Colts won the 2007 Super Bowl. This super bowl marked a day in Black History. Tony Dungy was the first Black Head coach to ever win a Superbowl, but before history was made the New England Patriots would be the team the Colts would have to beat. Before the game against the Patriots, two time pro bowler Jeff Saturday felt in his heart to make a profound speech “quoting from a favorite movie of his. What stuck with the team out of the entire speech was when Jeff Saturday, told his teammates “It Is Our Time”. They were confident and ready to play. With the first and second quarter not looking promising, the words from the Colts center quickly started to diminish in the thoughts of his teammates. Half time the Colts regrouped and their coach “Tony Dungy” stayed consistent in knowing that it was defiantly their time. The team manage to stay in the game making it a very close game. The game was so close, that future Hall of Famer Payton Manning who had never said a pray before a game, sat on the sidelines and begged God for them to win. The score was 38-34 Indiana Colts (I think, but not sure).

In today's society instant gratification is a way of life. We can cook a five course meal in under three minutes, lose twenty pounds in four days, clear up a yeast infection in one day, give ourselves an organism in one minute, all while writing our thesis statement for the master program that we enrolled in online, promising us that we'll graduate in less than a month. Long story short we can have all we want when we want it.

I've been in Atlanta for about 5 months. My expectation for moving back to Atlanta for the third time was for my dreams to come true within the first month. I thought I'd be recording more songs, and would have met “one” man that I would say 'I do” to next year by now. The only thing that has happen within the time I've been here is well nothing, nothing to my standards that is. I've only recorded once, I sing at a lounge “Kats Cafe” on Thursday nights and that's about it. I've been on one date and lets just say it was tragically disappointing. The guy I went out with was a Kappa Man, and that's all I know about him because that's all he talked about (K A Psi til the day he die). At 32 I would think this Kappa Man would have accomplished more than just being a damn nupe. In the state of nothing happening and with me doing the best I can with what I got. I found my faith diminishing like the 2006- 2007 Colts. Frustrated by my unsuccessful months in Atlanta I found myself on my knees in the bath room like the woman from the movie Eat, Pray, Love crying and sobbing asking God why isn't anything happening (where, is my insistant gratification I my thoughts were I should every thing I want now... it's been two months!!!! I didn't cry long because the baby I look after woke up. So I wiped my eyes and as I rock the baby back to sleep in the peace and quite of the night, I heard a peaceful voice say “It's My Time”. I laid down after putting the baby back to bed and slept feeling like my prayers were answer. I woke the next morning and decided that “This Is My Time” despite of my first two months looked, this year will be the year for all that I want to be given to me.

In life some of the biggest wins are not instant. The microwave affect just doesn't happen for everything. There are times where getting all we want takes time. I'm sure the Colts believed it was their time while walking on the field preparing to bet the Patriots, but it wasn't an instant win. Our lives are similar to that play off game. Each new year many of us decide this is our year to lose weight, gain confidence, and face our fears. We look up and a month or two has gone by and we're still not at our perfect weight , or gained enough confidence, and still are afraid. If you're like me you've worked hard and made sacrifices but still nothing. Instead of throwing up your hands and saying I tried maybe next year, decide no matter what this year is your year...this is our Time!!!

Til Next Time
Simply Lola

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Travelling Man said...

Wow...great blog! I'm sure that your dreams will work themselves out. I really enjoyed your microwave analogy!

Happy singing!