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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Beat The Odds/ Michael Oher

For Valentines Day this year I bought myself Michael Oher's book “I Beat The Odds”.I read the whole book in just two days. Working as a nanny and pursuing my music career I must say that reading a book in just two days is pretty impressive (lol). Shockingly,the book was very different from the movie “The Blind Side”. I can't believe the director of the movie depicted Michael Oher as a slow learner and an unattractive male. From the book cover and his interview on The View Mr. Oher is a cutie (truth be told if there wasn't a five year difference in our age, I would definitely be a lady of strong interest, don't judge As for him being a slow learner, OMG, this brotha made the deans list twice at Ole Mis (shoooot the only list I made in college was the prayer list at my Dad's church, and as a result, prayer Needless to say the movie left out a whole lot of information about how he became who we know him to be today (a very good offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens). Its a good thing they didn't tell the whole story because if they had a we'd all still be sitting at the movie theater today (lol). His life story left me feeling like I had barely scratched the surface of my own life. I felt like now would be a good time to start living. In as much as it was a great read I could tell that book was definitely written from his point of view but not in his words.
One complaint that I have with the book is that I really didn't like how the book was designed as a “how to help kids in the hood' book and not indepth with personal emotion that would really allow one to see his struggles as well as his success in a more passionate way. One thing is for sure that to be so young he's accomplished a lot, and he did all he set out to do, growing up never hearing the words “I Love You” (deep sigh...tear) .

Valentines Day seemed to be on steroids yesterday. Men sent long stem roses to their wives and mistresses. Women prepared to reveal Victoria's Secrets to their husbands as well as to the barely legal yard boy who does more than just mow the lawn. Many of us single women stayed in the ladies room at work, dropped to our knees next to the toilet and cried out “DEAR GOD!!!, WHEN WILL SOMEBODY LOVE ME!?!?!. Those of us who weren't crying in the restroom just made negative comments about the married women who receive flowers from their husbands. Like, you know he only got her flowers because he fucked up last week (what shame(lol), but true). To top all of this naughty behavior off, the words “I Love You” was being used all because its Valentines Day. Its amazing how “I Love You” makes so much money on February 14th. With all the money that these words were making, but are rarely ever expressed or said on any other day makes me wonder just how important is “I Love You”.

I think about Michael Oher's and how at the tender age of seven he decided that he would get out the hood by becoming an athlete. Never hearing the words “I love you” from any of his family he found a way to love himself enough to follow through on his early childhood decision. It was as if he made up his mind that if no one was going to love him, he'd better start loving himself. From the looks of his great success it appears he's loved himself a whole lot (lol).This Valentines Day I didn't hear “I LOVE You” and decided that if no one else is going to love me, I better get to loving myself. I got up worked out at the gym, made myself a nice dinner, had a glass of wine, and took a long warm bath. I laid down and felt good about my day and made a commitment to love myself enough to never take another day for granted. Telling myself “I Love You” makes living worth all the wow.

Its important to hear I love you, but its more important to hear it from yourself than anyone else. To my friend that has puffy eyes from crying yesterday because he didn't say “I Love You” it ok. It would have been nice to hear if from your painter of choice while coloring, but it means so much more if you just say it to yourself.

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