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Monday, August 1, 2011

Dating in Atlanta

There’s this new television show on VH1 called Single Ladies. It’s about three women living in Atlanta in search of love. As a single woman living in Atlanta in search of love all I can say is this show has got to further from the truth. Besides the terrible acting, the actresses are insanely gorgeous women who seem have no problem finding great dates with straight men, straight men that have very high profile jobs. I mean Stacy Dash character goes from dating a basketball player to dating the owner of the team her ex plays for… talk about sweet revenge. I would love to make the Titan poop in his pants by being romantically involved with the owner of the team he plays for, but unfortunately I’m not into old, rich white men with a bad Botox (lol). However dating one of his high profile teammates wouldn’t be so bad (lol)…. but then I think that would label me as a groupie and at my age a groupie stands for dirty old hoe (lol). Don’t get wrong Atlanta is filled with very successful black men but before a single girl can commit to a date with the great success of one of these men, she’s got to find if he’s gay or straight.

My manager’s birthday was this past weekend and to celebrate, he invited me and a few other coworkers out for drinks at this bar called Blakes. Blake’s is a gay bar in Midtown Atlanta. Being that I had never been to a gay bar I wasn’t sure what to except. My ignorance lead me to believe that all the men would be dressed in drag and those that weren’t would be very flamboyant about their sexuality…clearly this was not the case. There were a few men dressed as women but for the most part it was a bar full of men dressed like men. I was amazed how most of the men in this place looked like regular men and if I’d met some of these men anywhere else I wouldn’t have guessed they were gay at all. I met two very masculine doctors, a lawyer and a police officer (to think all this time I’ve been wondering where are all the successful hot black guys and to find out their at Blakes)….tragic just tragic. It blew me away how straight they appeared but straight they were not (shocking). Don’t get me wrong there were some hot mess men walking around acting foolish. Like one guy had on very short shorts that were so tight I could see the imprint of his paint brush, (tragic just tragic). I felt violated for a second by the paint brush imprint and then I realized I was in a room filled with men that had no desire to color with me (lol). Considering I was one of the very few single straight women there I thought I wasn’t going to have a good time but apparently gay men enjoy the company of a straight lady every now and again (lol). They bought me drinks and complimented me on my smile and dress while never attempting to feel me up or take me home for the night (who would have thought gay men find me more than just fuckble, lol). It was very refreshing for me to go out not having to pay an over priced coverage at the door, and have a few drinks without anyone requesting to see my vagina (lol). This gay bar was nothing like straight club where most of the women look like wanna be Beyonce’s and the men are all dressed up like fake rappers pretending to pop bottles they honestly they can’t afford. Everyone was dancing and singing and drinking without a care in the world. No was sizing each other up trying to see who looked better because let’s face it at the end of the night in the dark after a few drinks everyone looks the same to them (lol).

As I laughed and learned the words to all of Lady Gaga’s songs, I wondered if gay relationship were easier than straight relationships. To see how well mostly everyone got along surly they don’t have to worry about jealous ex-boyfriends or even cheating boyfriends for that matter. Boy was I wrong… no sooner than I walked out the bar to go home I saw two drag queens rip each others wigs and fake lashes off while having a bitch fight ( that’s what two gay men fight are called) over the bouncer. As I walk to my car it was clear that the grass isn’t greener on the other side. Gay or straight there are just some men that will forever be a damn Dog!!!

To my friend that watches Single Ladies thinking there’s hope in Atlanta, trust me when I say before you say yes to a date it would be best to find out whose straight. Never the less no matter what I remain optimistic.

Til Next Time
Simply Lola

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