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Monday, October 18, 2010

Not Sure Whats Missing

The Dallas Cowboys successfully did it again, they lost (tragic just tragic). Not only did they lose but they lost the same way they lost their last game, penalties, penalties, penalties and interceptions. Fingers are being pointed at the coach, the general manager and the owner (who happens to be the general manager). It’s a relief for wide receiver Roy Williams knowing that the fingers are no longer being pointed at him. All he needed was a visual of how his slippery hands were about to slide him out of job by the rookie Des Bryant. Now he’s catching everything that is coming his way. He has defiantly proven to the Cowboy fans that he is worth every dime he is getting paid, which is why I can’t understand why he has made such a horrible investment in his wardrobe. In the locker room after the game he was interviewed by a few sport reporters and well I was so distracted by his poor choice of clothing that I couldn’t focus on his comments to the questions that were asked. I mean it looked like he went shopping in an old fat mans closet, and those choice of colors (HOT MESS) absolutely did nothing for his skin tone. If I knew him well I would burn that tacky tie he thought was tasteful. It is a tragedy to look fantastic on the field and frightening off the field. Brady James had a similar fashion problem once up on a time but he manage to marry someone whose fashion forward, dressing him well enough to convince the world that “real men wear pink”(lol)nice tie. Marcus Spears interviewed like he had just finished preaching three services although he just finish playing four quarters( my dad is a preacher, and after he preaches he has the gloss look, but Spears suit was a nice look). I can see Spears as a good Reverend with Jason Hatcher as the elder of his church (lol) but for right now they make for good teammates. The way Spears responded to the reason why his team is losing made me a believer that things can very well turn around. He didn’t deny their silly mistakes but he spoke with great confidence that he and his teammates will do whatever it takes in order to turn a tragic season into triumph. I caught the last of Terrance Newman, he wore a classic button down with caramel v-neck sweater which was very complimenting to his complexion, his interview was my favorite of all. He said “We have talent, there is no doubt about that but it takes more than talent to win”.

Last night after a long travel from Prairie View A&M homecoming (OMG un be weave able experience) I laid down and thought about what it does it really take to win. Everyone who knows me knows that all I have ever wanted to do in my life time is sing, just sing great music and be with my love list. As a singer with nowhere to sing and dateless in Dallas I wonder what is it that I am missing. I believe got good coloring talent, I’ve never had a painter find my fundamentals of creating explosive art disappointing, and I’m well rounded. I can sang no doubt about that, in fact I gave Clark Atlanta University $80,000 just to make sure I was properly skilled with using my musical talent. I have recorded several demos, opened my mouth for countless open mics all over the city, hell I’ve moved from one city to another, and the list can go on and on and on. I know my love list is only a blueprint of my ideal lover and I have kept an open mind but really do I have to settle for the 35 year old divorcee with a receding hair line who is still pissed that his ex-wife got to keep the dog in the settlement. I have a passion for music like I have a passion for pure unconditional love. My desire to sing is as deep as my desire to kiss a man that loves me just for me and with all this strong desiring passion I find myself very pissed off. At this point I am suppose to deliver a profound revelation on what’s missing from my life that keeps me from winning my life’s race, but I don’t have one. All I can say is that I have grown tired of looking at the problem and have decided to just close my eyes take a deep breath and believe that just when I stop looking things will suddenly will change.

No one really knows why the Cowboys are not at their best right now, even they have no idea. One thing is for sure pointing fingers and being pissed off doesn’t make for a win. It is at times like these when the answer isn’t so obvious. We have to walk away from our loses, close our eyes, take in a deep breath and expect change to come while we’re not looking.

To my friend that just can’t understand why all has been lost with all your hard work don’t be discourage. Have the determination of the defensive lineman/future Reverend Marcus Spears and the understanding of Terrance Newman, know that you have what it takes and discover what’s missing. Just when you throw up your hands because you’re at a lost, believe that things will change when you’re not looking.

Til Next Time
Simply Lola

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